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Tourette on Broadway

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  • Tourette on Broadway

    In My Life, is a new Broadway musical production scheduled to officially open on October 20th, 2005.

    The plot centers around "a musician with Tourette Syndrome and a journalist with obsessive compulsive disorder meet cute at a grocery store ?with some help from above ? and begin an unlikely romance that proves that life's greatest affliction is the one they share ? true love."

    Jessica Boevers, Roberta Gumbel, Chiara Navarra and Christopher Hanke lead the cast. Brooks, who has won an Oscar and Grammy for "You Light Up My Life" is directing.

    It is not known how Tourette Syndrome is portrayed in this latest media creation of public awareness of the disorder.

    If you come across any reviews or have an opportunity to see the production, would you share the information with us.

    Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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    Tourette on Broadway

    To all of you who are interested in this new Broadway production... Hot off the presses is this press pre-view:

    God Sings and Lemons Abound at In My Life Press Preview
    By Matt Windman
    20 Sep 2005

    "This is the only truly original show now on Broadway," composer and director Joe Brooks told at a press preview held Friday morning to showcase his new Broadway musical In My Life.. "It doesn't come from any other play or film or anything like that."

    The show follows the decision of God (who is an actual character in the show, played by Michael J. Farina) to create a "reality opera" in which he will set up two humans in New York City with opposite personalties to fall in love with each other: a female writer for the Village Voice and a male singer songwriter with Tourette's Syndrome.

    In My Life, which will begin previews on Sept. 27 at the Music Box Theatre, has not been staged before out-of-town or Off-Broadway.

    "I didn't want to take the show out of town," Brooks said. "This is my home. I felt like I wanted to put it up here first. We did three readings and two workshops. And you know, I thought that was good enough."

    Three musical numbers were staged for the press including the title song "In My Life," a song called "Doom" that was written recently in the rehearsal process, and a montage of sequences involving the whole cast which takes place during the play's climax.

    "I think it's a risky show with risky storytelling," said Christopher J. Hanke, who plays the male love interest. "Having the show take place in heaven and in earth is random and bizarre and fantastic. And it has a strong pop score. The melodies are beautiful, and that's Joe's forte."

    Jessica Boevers, who plays the female love interest, was quick to point out that, contrary to earlier reports, her character does not have obsessive compulsive disorder. "I think that showed up in a press blurb somewhere, and people have been saying it ever since," Boevers said. "Actually, my character has more of a common story. She's a kid who comes to New York with dreams. She's really intelligent and has so much to offer, but hasn't found her place yet, or where to put her energy."

    And why are all of the promotional posters for the show covered with lemons? Hanke wanted to keep that a secret, but Brooks told us: "It's part of the show," he said. "It's what Chris [J. Hanke] says. Part of his Tourette's is that when he's happy, he says `lemon.' It happens over and over again."
    If you have a chance to see this yourself please let us know your thoughts.

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