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Fighting the Tourettes Urge

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  • Fighting the Tourettes Urge

    Fighting the Tourettes Urge
    Tourettes Action (U.K.)
    Posted November 27, 2015

    British journalism student David Conway from the University of Sheffield used the subject of Tourettes Syndrome to base his journalism project on. He wanted to create a realistic account of what it is like to have Tourette Syndrome.

    About his project David says:
    "I decided to create a print portfolio which showcased two contrasting sides to tourette’s syndrome because I wanted the audience to be able to relate with my interviewees.

    I chose to write about tourette’s because I didn't feel there was enough information/anecdotes about the condition, especially from a personal angle".

    David interviewed Tourettes Action researcher manager and people with TS to write his attached PDF (acrobat: article -
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