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Tourette Doesn't Define Me: Video

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  • Tourette Doesn't Define Me: Video

    Published on Oct 2, 2013
    Find out how Jess Thom is "changing the world one tic at a time" in this inspiring TEDx talk.

    Thom has Tourette's Syndrome and says 'biscuit' sixteen times a minute. A visual artist and a graduate of the Royal College of Art, she founded Touretteshero to celebrate the humour that can emerge from Tourette's, challenge misconceptions about the syndrome and encourage people to familiarise themselves with the creative opportunities it presents.

    Published on Nov 9, 2015
    In this brave and touching talk, Analise and Robyn Twemlow argue for Tourette's to be recognised as a disability, and for treatment to be made available accordingly.

    When Analise Twemlow was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome in 2013, her mother Robyn sprang into action, forming the Tourette’s Association New Zealand – of which she is now executive director – and Camp Twitch, a national gathering for Kiwis with Tourette’s. 11-year-old Analise is also a powerful advocate for the rights of people with Tourette’s, speaking at a Grand Round Lecture at Christchurch Public Hospital and appearing on multiple TV programmes.
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