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Shane Fistell: A Portrait of Tourette Syndrome

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  • Shane Fistell: A Portrait of Tourette Syndrome

    See attached PDF related article "My Life with Tourette's Syndrome"
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    Re: Shane Fistell: A Portrait of Tourette Syndrome

    Thanks for posting, Steve.

    The article actually made me rather sad, because I had recently watched the documentary, which was full of joy and playfulness between Oliver Sachs and Shane as they explored a city, I think it was Paris, and a botanical garden. Shane was a young man at the time the documentary was made. The autobiographical article shows that Shane, now in his 50's, has not found peace with the society around him, or with his body; and that he is lonely.

    But it has two really good quotes:

    The average person doesn’t know where in the body his kidneys are located. They couldn’t tell you exactly how a baby is born. But they can decide if you do or do not have Tourette’s syndrome.
    There are also upsides to my Tourette’s. I vibrate with almost inexhaustible energy and life and vitality. I have unusually excellent eyesight, and few things escape my attention. I have a heightened sense of hearing and smell. I have the heart of an athlete. My symptoms go up and down and everywhere, but my intelligence maintains itself.
    That first quote resonates with me because I've had so many teachers and administrators tell me that my son's behavior problems in school have nothing to do with his Tourette's. I think Shane found a great way of expressing this.

    Also, the upsides are something I'm very aware of as a parent of a child with Tourette who is incredibly talented and funny. I'm always looking for quotes to help me explain this. In fact, that's what I was looking for on the internet the day I came across the documentary on youtube.

    Another nice thing about the documentary is the glimpse we get into Shane's painting. (Unfortunately, there are no scenes showing Shane while he is painting.)


    P.S. Oh. I just discovered that Steve's post also contains an embedded video. I had only read the pdf newspaper article. The video seems to be shorter than the original documentary with Oliver Sachs. I will watch it another day; hopefully it's more upbeat than the print article.
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