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Allergies and TS, tics

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  • Allergies and TS, tics

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know if tics or TS can be related to allergies?

    My son has allergies and asthma. He is allergic to mold, dust (try and get rid of this one!), dogs, cats and feathers. I also think he is very bothered by cold air more than anything.
    Do any of you with "allergic" children notice a connection with tics and allergy triggers? Do you notice an increase in tics when there is an allergy flare-up? It seems as if there is more ticcing during a flare-up. Maybe I am just imagining it.
    I do lots of thinking about the possibilities. We don't have his consultation appointment with the ped. neurologist until July 31.

    Any thoughts???


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    Allergies and TS, tics

    Hi Grammy,

    I don't have TS but boy oh boy do I have allergies!!

    I have lost some of my fingernails, headaches, and the skin on my hands won't close and I have to have an epipen with me at all times because of allergies.

    The increase in tics could simply be because the allergies are stressful and not itching certainly adds to my stress level!

    Not scratching seems to be similar to being told not to tic (I hope I don't offend anyone by saying that).

    I would say your instincts are right and his tics do increase during a flare-up.

    My heart goes out to him to have both allergies and TS.


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      Re: Allergies and TS, tics

      Hi friend I'm just wondering how many people experience an increase in TS symptoms when it's allergy season. We just found out my son is allergic to some trees and grasses and his symptoms increased about 2 weeks ago - as it is getting warmer and things are blooming here in PA. What doesn't make sense to me is that his symptoms are increased all day long - first thing in the morning till he sleeps, not just when he is outside. If the increase was due to allergy I thought it might be when he is outside or shortly after he comes in - not when he is indoors for 10 hours??


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        Re: Allergies and TS, tics

        This is interesting. My kids don't have allergies so I am not sure.

        Here is just a thought: I wonder if the tics are increased all day due to the increased stress on his system due to the allergies.

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          Re: Allergies and TS, tics

          My tics definitely get worse when it's allergy season. (I'm allergic to grass pollen).

          Janet has it right - most of us know that stress does affect tics - and that includes any kind of stress - mental, physical, physiological... allergies cause both physical reactions causing stress on your body, and the mental stress that comes with how insanely annoying allergies can be.

          Also, stress probably accumulates throughout the day, and during high-pollen seasons, allergens come right into your home. Whether it's through the air ducts or brought in on clothing and hair, they're coming in. They accumulate on your couch, chairs, beds... basically everywhere.

          "Spring cleaning" is a good idea if you have allergies to pollen - the only real way to minimize it is by vacumming and washing bedding more often in the spring, washing off as soon as you come inside, and using air filters.