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Diet effects on TS

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  • Diet effects on TS

    Hi everyone,
    I know I read in one or two different threads about some of you who have had success with decreasing ticcing with changes in diet. I have since read a couple of articles by a Doctor Bruce Semon from the US on gluten free, sugar reduced diets having great impacts on TS. I am interested in buying his book called Feast without Yeast. Anyone read it? For those of you who have tried diet alterations, could you please expand on implementation and results thus far? I would like to effect any changes that we as a family could control, in order to help my daughter deal with this and get it as much under "control"as possible before high school!
    Thanks all,
    Have a blessed day!

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    Diet effects on TS

    I am not familiar with this book but at the TSFC conference in Montreal in October, one of the guest speakers was Sheila J. Rogers and her book is

    Tics and Tourette's - Breakthrough Discoveries in Natural Treatments
    a parent and family guide and it covers diet management . triggers for tics. nutritional therapy. vitamin supplementation, etc

    Here is her website , I know the TSFC supports her work.

    TSFC Homepage


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      Diet effects on TS

      Hi Cherry...

      You must have read my mind! I was on my way to post on this very topic! This week, I will be beginning a process to eliminate sweets from the diets of both my kids :shock: . I will be trying this for at least one week to see if there is a difference in the amount of ticcing they are having. I've never given them too many sweets to begin with, however after reading a few posts about how a sugar-free diet may help, I will be going for one week with absolutely no sweets and as little sugar in anything else as possible in order to see if this makes a difference in their ticcing.

      From anyone out there with you think that one week will be enough time to gage any differences in their ticcing? Also, if you have any specific diet recommendations that have worked for you, could you please reply.




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        Diet effects on TS


        You would be surprised how many items have sugar in them you feed your children and in our case we replaced sweets with natural sugars found more in fruits and frozen yogurts.

        You may see withdrawal symptoms so do not be surprised if there is more adjusted behavior.

        In our case we reduced some sugars over a period of time and cut candy sugars out by only offering twice a month and replacing others with sugar free.
        I also modified a fudge recipe and controlled the sugar and everyone enjoyed it.

        We also cut out caffeine and provided more juices, water, and milk and on rare occasion clear soda's or ginger ale sports drinks.

        I am am not sure about gluten since my son eats a lot of breads as a staple and he has issues with vegetables we are still working through.