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Flouride and tics

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  • Flouride and tics

    Hi everyone,

    This may sound like a silly question, but I was wondering if anyone had ever heard whether or not fluoride in toothpaste, drinking water, etc. may increase the intensity and frequency of tics? Especially in children? The reason I ask is because my 3 year old daughter began experiencing blinking and throat clearing after her first appointment with the dentist just a couple of months ago. There, she received her first fluoride treatment, and I was told by the dentist that I had to start using fluoridated toothpaste on her, which I proceeded to do that night. Shortly after this, her tics started. She had very brief episodes of mild blinking and throat clearing that occurred last summer and lasted only a month or so, and then disappeared. However, after this recent dentist visit, it started again, got really bad, and continues as I speak.

    Below, I have copied an excerpt from a blog by Dr. Sheila Rogers, MS, who educates the public on integrative therapies for autism, attention deficit disorders, learning problems, depression, anxiety and OCD, and tic disorders including Tourette syndrome. She is founder and director of the international nonprofit organization Association for Comprehensive NeuroTherapy, and is the author of Tics and Tourette?s: Breakthrough Discoveries in Natural Treatments, A Patient and Family Guide.

    Here it is:

    March 30, 2006

    Fifty Years Later. . . Oops!

    Debates on the benefits and dangers of fluoride have raged since the early 50s. It was then that the mineral solution was added to public drinking water to prevent dental cavities. Those who fought the effort were called alarmists.

    Well, now the National Academy of Sciences warns that some people are getting too much fluoride, resulting in tooth enamel loss and bone fractures. See the full press release from the Academy. (A current study is also looking at another possible problem from fluoride: bone cancer. Stay tuned for results on that one.)

    Michael Schachter, MD, director of Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine in Suffern, New York, told ACN "Fluoride is a toxic element. It?s actually a byproduct of phosphate fertilizers and the aluminum industry. In the 40s the American Medical Association and American Dental Association came out against fluoride because it was killing livestock and plants. It was considered an environmental pollutant." Dr. Schachter advises against fluoride in water and toothpastes, school fluoride rinse programs, and children's vitamins containing the substance?as well as dental fluoride treatments: "Several years ago, a three-year-old in a dental chair swallowed the fluoride instead of rinsing; he went into seizures and died in the office. People don't understand how poisonous fluoride can be."

    Can anyone comment on this?



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    Flouride and tics

    Hi Sandra,

    I want you to know that there is no such thing as a silly question!

    Every question helps all of us gain knowledge about TS.

    I don't know about fluoride and its effects on TS. I will do some research and get back to you.

    Healthy eating is a goal that we all try to attain however, not using fluoride anymore because of one article we must be cautious.

    From what I understand about natural treatments they are not looked at as a drug, but as a food by Health Canada. Health Canada demands any new drug to undergo a strict process proving its ability to heal whereas a drug does not.


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      Flouride and tics

      Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks for your response.

      I just wanted to clarify that the article I posted by Sheila Rogers is just one of very many studies that have been conducted which illustrate the actual dangers of fluoride ingestion.

      I live in Milton, and this town is currently going through an actual debate over whether or not to include fluoride in its drinking water. When Milton was just a small town of about 30,000 or so people, all Miltonians received water through the well system, and therefore no fluoride was present in the water. When the new water pipeline was created and Milton began growing by leaps and bounds, fluoride was added to the water. Now, as the town has grown to over 60,000 people and shows no sign of slowing down, Milton wants to fluoridate the water in the original parts of the town, much to residents' complaints. It has been through this very vocal issue that I have learned of the dangers of fluoride's not just the article I posted that speaks to this, but many other doctors and researchers have written to our paper explaining the hazards of fluoride ingestion. The main health concerns are cancer and seizures. This is why I'm concerned, but I hadn't linked this to TS until I read Sheila Rogers' article, and she just happens to be an expert on TS.

      Anyway, hope this puts my question a little more into perspective.




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        Flouride and tics


        I am not sure about the study or connection to TS. In our situation we have the complete reverse in that our water was not fluoride properly and since he was unable to drink regular formula all his teeth came in seriously decayed.
        My poor son has been living in a dentist chair since he was three and used drops to compensate for the reduced level of fluoride.

        The drops were very weak and only used for a short period of time to assist in his adult teeth to come in healthier.

        His tic's started between 3 & 4 years of age but were not recognized as being TS.

        I do know that increased levels of fluoride in the water can cause etching of the enamel and cause the teeth to become brittle. I had a friend from Minn. as a child that had to wear braces very early to keep her teeth in place. Their water is bad for this concern.


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          Flouride and tics

          I think the dentist trip may have been enough trigger all by itself. Almost all the adult Touretters in my support groups reported problems going to the dentist, myself included. It has nothing to do with flouride. It has to do with having some guy stick metal objects in my mouth while I'm strapped (or it feels like it) to a chair. Didn't they use to torture people like that?

          I'm trying to make light of something that is VERY serious. I have a huge overreactive gag reflex. I have swallowing problems (tics I guess) and I generate a huge amount of saliva, which is likely related to my overall allergy issues. Sniffling tics and general problems with breathing under weird circumstances (swimming is a challenge, too) just add to the heap.

          The good news: in Atlanta, I was able to find a nice Jewish dentist (what can I say, we Jews like to be dentists...) who is Tourette-friendly. He gasses me for EVERYTHING. Whew. Taking my anxiety out of the picture makes the trip to the dentist much easier for everyone, especially the nice lady who has to risk getting bitten when she tries to get x-rays into my face.

          So, overall, I would not be surprised if dentistry was on the list of environmental exacerbations of tic symptoms and anxiety disorders. I have to say, it is very natural to go looking for causes, hoping to cure the kids. I respect that, I do it myself. But, really, I think that flouride is an unlikely candidate. I mean, we have nitrates and sulfates in the air and water, and lead and mercury, and sugar and caffeine and home shopping networks. I think it would be impossible to live outside of all contaminants of our neurology.

          I wonder how many teenagers started ticcing after taking their first driving tests? My money is on some, not many, but some.
          Darin M. Bush, The Tourette Tiger, author of "Tiger Trails"


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            Flouride and tics

            Hey Darin...

            Thanks for your ideas. You're probably right, but I just wanted to mention that my daughter's visit to the dentist couldn't have gone better...she wanted to stay on after her appointment was over, and the dentist couldn't get her out of the chair! Apparently, she was the most enthusiastic 3 year old they have ever had! So, I don't think she had any fears about visiting the dentist, but I do respect your opinion, and thank you for the reassurance.



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              Flouride and tics

              Hi Sandra

              my daughter's visit to the dentist couldn't have gone better...she wanted to stay on after her appointment was over, and the dentist couldn't get her out of the chair! Apparently, she was the most enthusiastic 3 year old they have ever had
              I have 4 boys and they have zero anxiety going to the dentist and like your daughter are enthusiastic about their visits. My three younger one ( one diagnosed with TS plus and my twin in the assessment stages) fight over who is going first.

              However, it goes back to individual experiences because as a kids I had some really bad experiences with my dentist which created huge anxiety for me as I got older... I'm totally cool now... I have the same dentist as my kids... so it obviously does go back to the rapport you have with the doc.

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                Flouride and tics


                I researched the question of fluoride and its effects on TS and I couldn't find anything.

                It could be that there is no research done on this or I just couldn't find the information.

                I wish I could be more helpful.