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Summer reduction in tics...

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  • Summer reduction in tics...

    Hi all,

    I have noticed a significant reduction in tics in the last 3 weeks. There was much ticcing during our Disney vacation in June, but since then I'd say there is a 50-60% reduction in tics. My son was ticcing pretty much all fall, winter and spring. His allergies are worse in the cooler weather also. The cooler weather being most months except June, July and August and part of September. I was wondering if there could be a connection. Also, I was wondering if school causes more stress/ticcing and now that we are in summer break the ticcing has slowed??? Does anyone notice a connection with these triggers? We have our first neurologist appointment August 1st. I will ask the doctor also.


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    summer reduction in tics...

    Hello Grammy:

    It is nice to see you back and by my experience your question can go both ways.

    Some children do well in the summer months while others tic more.
    My son has done better but I've noticed with allergies it can tend to get worse again.
    School seems to create some stress even in the great environment he has to attend but I wonder if age plays a roll in this question too.

    Mine is 13 now and seems to have some great days and then some bad ones.

    I am glad you had a good trip and if my son would take one I think his tics would increase too. I've noticed a response to stresses long after the event depending on how long the experience was.

    I am sure you will have more responses to your question. This would be a good topic under "Parents".

    Please keep us posted on your progress and I am glad you were able to get the appointment.

    Take care


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      summer reduction in tics...

      Hi Grammy,

      Also, I was wondering if school causes more stress/ticcing and now that we are in summer break the ticcing has slowed
      My son's tics have decreased since finishing school also.

      My son has a great time every summer because he is really involved in sports and playing with his friends.

      With no school or expectations, he has decreased anxiety and is more relaxed.

      I hope everything goes well at the doctor.


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        summer reduction in tics...

        Hi Grammy,
        I'm writing in response to your reduction to ticcing. My daughter has just finished grade 7 and we have noticed a major improvement in her ticcing since school finished. She is not normally a very stressed person as she has very little difficulty in school or in her social circles but the workload had been heavy this year.She is away in Newfoundland for the summer with my parents, and life there in the small town is very relaxed and she has lots of freedom to roam. This helps her tremendously. It will be interesting to see if the ticcing picks up again as we near the beginning of the new school year when she returns home.


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          summer reduction in tics...

          Hi Cherry,

          That is interesting that your daughter's ticcing has lessened with the end of school. I think kids that do well in school are sometimes more stressed out because they expect so much of themselves in school. My daughter was like that. She did very well in school always, but she was very hard on herself. Now, my 10 year old son is a different story! If he gets, say, a 69 on a test (which is barely passing) he is just fine with that. So, as a result I am harder on him. Maybe that is stressful to him, I don't know. I do expect decent (average) grades from him though. But I can see he has a shorter attention span than my daughter did. I try not to pressure him too much, but he does need to be pushed sometimes. He is not a problem student at all and his teacher's have all said he is very cooperative.
          He has been spending a lot of time at the pool this summer and relaxing. Maybe that is what is helping.

          Steph and PJK,

          Do you think boys have a harder time in general in school (the elementary years anyway) than girls simply because of the physical restraint they endure sitting in school all day? When I think back to my school days, I don't even understand how I managed to sit so still all day!

          PJK, maybe the allergies just add another trigger to deal with along with school.

          Thanks for your replies.



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            summer reduction in tics...

            Hi Grammy,

            Do you think boys have a harder time in general in school
            My son has TS and ADHD so to sit in a seat for any length is a problem for my son.

            I do think boys have a harder time at school because I think they are more active and energetic. However, don't get me wrong because I have seen some passive boys and active girls.

            IMO all children should have gym every day at school just to help burn off some of their energy at school.


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              summer reduction in tics...


              Stephanie is right, I have seen girls run circles around my son but your question is one most mothers have asked for generations.

              Some boys do not tend to be as detailed as girls and they just want things "done".

              In our case my son tolerates school sometimes and other times enjoys it. He gets bored easily and I have seen his grades roll from A's to incomplete with his ADHD.
              Placing him in a higher language skills program helped him this year with his over all attitude about school. I always thought he was bored with the entire concept and it appears I was right.

              Has your son been tested to see were he really is for his grade skills?

              My son could manage through 7th grade math but we put him in a program that would provide a little more edge and less stress. The language skills program was wonderful and focused on him. There were only 7 kids in the class and they all had different level.

              Have you ever noticed that some things your son does just seems to come naturally? You wonder how he knew that?
              Thats what we found and we built on it this year to make the year a success.
              My son also did not understand why he had to make an effort in school at first. He struggled between being a younger boy and someone of 13 years. With a little pushing and understanding school was his place to be for now he improved very much this year and his attitude changed dramatically about his grades and efforts he should make for himself.

              Keep us posted on how the new school year starts for you and I look forward to your update after August 1st.

              Take care.


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                summer reduction in tics...

                Hi Grammy - For me heat, humidity and bright sunlight is a tic trigger so tics have increased this summer b/c its like 112 out!!! Not just summer but for any hot days. School causes constant stress which is a trigger...but i've noticed that sometimes with freetime I get lazy and lethargic. I was told that it wuz apart of ADHD. But wen im not active and just laying around I tic kinda like going to sleep. I dunno i tic when I tic.
                Hope your appointment goes well! Best wishes to you. And keep us updated