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    Hi All. I would like to know if any one has ever taken anything for there vocal tics and found that it worked for them ?? mine right now are very loud, I am going to be seeing a neuroligist in August, but to be honest I'm starting to lose hope. So if anyone knows of anything that has worked for vocal tics PLEASE let me know. I'm even at the point where i was thinking of getting my vocals clipped before i go nuts.

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    Vocal Tics

    I'm even at the point where i was thinking of getting my vocals clipped before i go nuts.
    An extreme measure like that is not the solution. I sense your frustration, and so this would be the point that should be made to your neurologist.

    What is it about your vocal tics that causes the greatest difficulty?

    Before your visit, prepare some notes of issues and questions you want to be sure to ask the doctor. Your visit there will likely be filled with all kinds of distractions and it's so easy to forget something you want to discuss.

    The reason you are seeing the doctor is to get his/her help with providing you with a quality of life you determine is necessary.

    Keeping this goal in mind will help direct your decision making process, so if your vocal tics are the obstacle to the quality of life you would like, then make sure the doctor is made aware of this concern.

    There are treatment options available, but sometimes those treatment options need to be tailored to your particular body chemistry. This process may take time because medications and/or their dosages may need to be changed until the right one is found for you.

    This will require that you become a partner in your health care, and communicate objectively with your doctor, reporting the relief you get or any adverse effects. By working in partnership with your physician, you will find help.

    Be sure to share your ongoing experience with us here, which will be helpful to other Forum members dealing with the same situation.

    I wish you all the best in your upcoming visit, and will look forward to hearing about your progress.

    Also, pencil in the Ottawa Chapter support meetings for the Fall, beginning September, on the second Tuesday of every month.

    We're rootin' for you!
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      Vocal Tics

      GM, are you still around on this board?
      How have you been doing recently?



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        Vocal Tics

        Vocal tics are a component of OCD. Cutting your vocal cords will only make you quieter. That means the only person who knows you are ticcing is you. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.

        I know coprolalia is horrible. I have a recommendation, and I know this will sound nuts, N V T S, nuts but it works for me with all kinds of OCD and TS stuff. Laugh at it. In your mind, in your thoughts. Refer to it as being silly. Every time it happens. No, really. Shake your finger at it like it is a silly 5 year old with a stick and a bandana wrapped around his face - "Stick 'em up, Dad, I'm a robbin' this station wagon!"

        The OCD and tics are fueled by our own anxiety. Period. The laughter, which takes a few weeks to become natural, totally undermines the anxiety engine. Even mechanical fake laughter reduces the chemical stress. I think they call it the "Two Factor Theorem". The laughter also breaks you out of the cycle of self-loathing and the feeling of helplessness.

        I hope this helps. I know we are all unique, but it is worth a try, before you put a knife to your pharynx. And you don't need a prescription to laugh. :-)
        Darin M. Bush, The Tourette Tiger, author of "Tiger Trails"