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  • Genetics and TS

    Hello everybody. I am new to this forum. Recently, my 6years old son started having tics and we are worried that it might be TS. We are extremely worried and devastated - hopefully prematurely and unnecessarily. I wanted to ask you all about the genetics of this thing. It is described as a genetically passed disorder. How is it in your case? If you have a confirmed case of TS, have you had any cases in your family? We could not find any such cases in our family so what does that really mean? What else could this be? Please help. We are worried sick!!!

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    Genetics and TS

    Welcome Astro

    TS is genetic and in many cases reported by families, there initially seemed to be no one in the family with TS that they were aware of... and that has been the problem in the past, awareness. Studies have shown that TS can happen through the cummulation of genetics as well, by that I mean that For Ex. an ADHD Dad and a high anxiety Mom come together and have a TS child. There is more prevalence in boys than girls. Keep in mind that TS is a spectrum and by that it means that it will present differently in everyone. With each passing year we are finding that more and more children are being diagnosed primarily because we have been doing so much work on public awareness.

    I have TS and I have 4 sons, 2 of which have been diagnosed with TS. My diagnosis only came from my first son's diagnosis. I was 1/6 children growing up in a busy household and my TS is mild and my tics were and are simple (ex. chewing my tongue, scrunching my lips, humming, purring, etc) so they were things that got passed of as odd habits, etc. I did the same with my son till he was diagnosed at 9 yrs. It was the ADHD in my son that started me on the diagnostic process... not these idiosyncracies... My parents knew nothing about TS and neither did I really, only what I knew from watching TV and trust me when I say that the media and TV programs sensationalize the severe symptoms of TS... very, very few people develope the impulse to swear, because that what I thought it was for all who were diagnosed and that is the biggest myth out there. When we were told TS, I was devastated... a normal reaction to finding out your "treasure" is not normal, and many parents do have to process that through the grieving process...

    Please don't fear TS. It is not life threatening and there are so many resources and supports available. If you are dealing with TS, many people with TS are very successful especially in areas of business and medicine.

    How does your son present? Is it only the tics you are concerned about or are there other concerns? TS can cause symptoms of other associated behaviors such as ADHD and ODC, do you feel any concern in these areas?

    Stay connect with us, there are so many knowledgeable people on our forum who will offer their stories and share their ideas to help you realize you are not alone.

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      Genetics and TS

      Welcome to the TSFC Forum, Astro!

      Being in Toronto, you are fortunate to have a Local TSFC Chapter at your disposal, including the National Office of TSFC.

      For your information, here are some links to read:

      TSFC Q&A's on TS

      Freeman Article: Facts and Myths about TS

      Health AtoZ: Good Definition and Explanation of Genetic Factors in TS

      Has your son been diagnosed by a physician with training and a professional interest in TS?

      Not all physicians have sufficient training or interest in TS in order to make an accurate diagnosis, so use your local resources to identify the Centers where TS is understood. There is no blood test or other diagnostic test at this time, so the diagnosis must be made through observation.

      May I suggest you take things one step at a time, and deal with each step as it comes along. We can help you through your journey, and though you may feel overwhelmed, there are solutions available.

      Your son needs your support and love at this time, without feeling he is guilty of doing something wrong.

      By providing us with more information about your son's situation we can help point you in the right direction.

      Glad you found us and we'll be looking forward to being available for you.
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