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  • Tourette "Remission"

    Does remission just mean that you're currently exibiting less symptoms? or does it mean its going away for good? because i know that i definately have a cycle that can be sped up or slowed down depending on the enviroment i'm in.

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    Re: Tourette "Remission"

    Does remission just mean that you're currently exibiting less symptoms?
    Good question!

    If you are asking about the term "remission" here are two versions of medical definitions:

    Type: Term

    Pronunciation: rē-mish′ŭn

    1. Abatement or lessening in severity of the symptoms of a disease.
    2. The period during which such abatement occurs.

    Disappearance of the signs and symptoms (of a) disease. When this happens, the disease is said to be "in remission." A remission can be temporary or permanent.
    In the context of Tourette Syndrome, it is thought that tics tend to wax and wain over time, causing one's tic repertoire to change or evolve over weeks, months and even years, while some core tics may remain the same throughout life.

    In addition, tics can be exacerbated (made more frequent) in times of stress, as stress and anxiety tend to increase tic activity in many people with Tourette.

    So, if you notice your tic activity vary over time and depending on circumstances you are experiencing, it would seem to be consistent with the normal course of the Tourette.

    Some people report their tic activity decreases as they get older, which is yet unclear to me as to whether it is the Tourette that goes into remission or if the person learns, with time, to suppress and manage their tic activity.

    It would be interesting to hear the views of others.
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