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TS Support Group in Montreal?

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  • TS Support Group in Montreal?

    When I go to the web site and see all the support groups that are out there in various Canadian cities I notice that there is none listed for Montreal. Why is that?

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    Re: TS Support Group in Montreal?

    There was a TSFC Chapter in Montreal from the early 90's to approximately a year ago when the Chapter was sadly disbanded. Unfortunately the one person who courageously tried to keep the Chapter going finally gave up because there were no English speaking volunteers available to assist.

    I was one of the founding members of the TSFC Montreal Chapter, but moved from Montreal in the late 90's.

    There is, however a French speaking support organization, not affiliated with TSFC. Their website is HERE and the page dedicated to Montreal is HERE

    If you are in Montreal, you may be interested in attending the TSFC National Meeting in October.

    Information HERE on the TSFC homepage HERE or by calling (800) 361-3120
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