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Why derogatory?

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  • Why derogatory?

    (I don't know what forum is best to post this question)

    Why do sufferers of tourettes when they say words unintentionally are these unintended words always derogatory?

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    Re: Why derogatory?

    Dear whytellme,

    Actually when people living with Tourette Syndrome unintentionally say words, this is known as a verbal tic.
    One of these verbal tics is coprolalia, which would bee the utterance of obscene, aggressive or otherwise socially unaceptable words or phrases.

    When you ask why
    are these unintended words always derogatory?
    you are asking a question based on a myth of what Tourette Syndrome (TS) is.
    The media loves to emphasize coprolalia, but it is a very small part of how tics manifest themselves in TS.

    According to a very large study, the occurrence of coprolalia is only 14% overall,
    and only 5% of people diagnosed with TS alone exhibit this unfortunate symptom.

    Sadly, this symptom is the one most often sensationalized by the public and the media,
    and it is the one of the most misunderstood.

    I hope you'll have an opportunity to meet someone with TS and understand better what this disorder is.
    A full list of the tics associated with TS, and some of the symptoms of associated disorders of OCD and ADHD
    can be found on the TSFC website.

    I also recommend you take a look at our @Random website to watch some videos of people living with TS,
    so you can see the diversity of symptoms, understand how TS affects their lives and
    also realize how the perpetuation of this myth hurts our community.

    All the best,
    Tina, Forum Moderator, TSFC Staff Liaison

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