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  • Leaky Brakes 101

    If you have attended this workshop, please give some feedback.We are thinking of attending. Is there any helpful information or resources out there on the Special Needs child and Tourettes?

    If so, please list resources. Thanks!

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    Re: Leaky Brakes 101

    For those who don't know about this resource, there is more information at

    CPRI Brake Shop clinic: Leaky Brakes 101
    Check out the Coming Events page for a list of other upcoming Brake Shop educational opportunities.

    To reserve a spot in our next course, please contact our clinic secretary at (519) 858-2774 ext. 2025.

    All educational opportunities are free of charge. No referrals to the Brake Shop are required to register (i.e. you do not need to be a client of the Brake Shop, or affiliated with a client of the Brake Shop, to book).

    The 'Leaky Brakes 101' poster is available to you in English or French and will provide you with all the information about the 'Leaky Brakes 101' workshop.

    Too far to travel to participate in this course? Listen to presentations given in past courses by clicking on the audio links below! Files are in ".mp3" format and are numbered in order of sequence.

    Please complete our Tourette Syndrome Knowledge Survey document both before the course (i.e. before seeing or listening to Session One), and immediately after it (i.e. at the end of Session Six). Please return these measures to our clinic, indicating which is the "Session One" measure and which is the "Session Six" measure. Others simply interested in testing their knowledge on Tourette Syndrome are also welcome to complete the survey.

    Take 'Leaky Brakes 101' Online Now!
    Session One – Leaky Brakes: What They Are. What They AREN'T.
    Presenter: Dr. B. Duncan McKinlay, Psychologist

    Download the slides from this presentation to view or save by clicking here.

    Listen to the entire presentation by clicking here.

    This presentation is available on DVD.

    • Purchase your own copy from the Volunteer Organization of CPRI (a registered charity) by clicking here.
    • Borrow this DVD through your local TS support group organization, CPRI's Family Resource Centre, or your school board's special education department (if within CPRI's catchment)


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      Re: Leaky Brakes 101

      I heard Duncan McKinley deliver this talk a few years ago. You should never pass up an opportunity to hear him speak!