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Coprolalia and "Bad Words" analyzed by Stephen Fry

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  • Coprolalia and "Bad Words" analyzed by Stephen Fry

    TVOntario is currently airing a documentary series, Planet Word, hosted by Stephen Fry.
    Here's the summary of the series: Language is what defines humans from other species, and with our planet home to around 7000 different languages, words have played a crucial role in our evolution. Renowned wordsmith Stephen Fry is the perfect guide for this fascinating exploration of language in all its forms.

    This is the episode you have to watch if you or a family member has Tourette Syndrome and has coprolalia, or if you are worried about "Bad Words" developing into tics. There is a link to the video on this web-page.

    Uses and AbusesJuly 22, 2013

    This programme looks at the ways language is used and abused. While not everyone approves of 'bad' language, Stephen learns that swearing plays an important part in human communication the world over. He undergoes an MRI scan and discovers the parts of the brain associated with swearing - and meets a sufferer of Tourettes and a stroke patient who swear they can't help using the F-word. Stephen and Brian Blessed participate in some rather colourful experiments to examine how swearing can help relieve pain. Stephen discusses the positive and negative power of 'bad' words in humour and social interactions, with Armando Iannucci, Stephen K Amos and Omid Djalili, and discovers how we use double entendres, euphemisms, and politesse to hide true meanings. Stephen meets nurses, sailors, teenagers, and rappers to discover how slang and jargon can both aid and thwart clear communication, but ultimately add to the richness and texture of language.

    Who is the sufferer of Tourette that is featured? Why none other than Tourettes Hero, Jessica Thom.
    You can find out more about her on her web-site.

    Caution: both the video and the Touretteshero website contain language that is part and parcel of coprolalia.
    I would you suggest you watch the whole video, as well. The bits of scientific research related to swearing are very interesting.
    Enjoy! Tina
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