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This organization and what it stands for

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  • This organization and what it stands for

    Hello, how you guys doing.

    I have a task to find different organizations and found out what they stand for and what they can offer to the community. Now what I?d like from someone (Preferably from an admin or someone deeply involved in the organization) is for them to answer these questions. This task I?ve been given is to find possible organizations which we can help and be help out by.

    So if you?re kind enough please take the time to help me out and answer these questions. I?ve been ask to find a group who won?t just point me towards a url, I?ve been asked to find a group that is committed enough to answer my questions personally. Seeing as how this is a willing and helpful group, I hope for someone to respond, thanks in advance, call_me..

    1. What is the name of your organization and what do you specialize in?
    2. What is the main goal of the organization?
    3. Where are you located?
    4. When were you founded?
    5. Do you have a member list and if so how many members do you have?
    6. What help if any do you give to your community?
    7. What other ways do you help in your community?
    8. What are your hopes for the organization?
    9. Do you have any special events coming up?
    10. Where can we contact the organization if we needed to talk to someone who was in charge?

    Once again, thank you in advance, Call_me_alive.
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    this organization and what it stands for

    Please visit the web homepage of the TSFC by using the link under my signature for information about the TSFC.

    For specific information contact the Administrator. Contact information HERE
    TouretteLinks Forum