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Allergies and TS

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  • Allergies and TS

    Does anyone have TS and have allergies?

    Do you feel you have extra challenges because of both concerns?

    Let us know how you give yourself extra allowances for your specific needs.

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    Allergies and TS

    I'm allergic to grass.

    I fully appreciate the humor in it, seeing as how much of the world, at least in my climate, is covered in it.

    Allergies definitely affect my tics. It's just stress on the body (and the mind, I'd say), and that can aggravate Tourette's.

    I react very strongly to medicine though, so any allergy meds that "may cause drowsiness" put me right to sleep. Non-drowsy formula is the way to go, and then it's managable.

    I don't let it keep me from golfing.


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      Allergies and TS

      Hi Steph and cailean,

      My son has allergies also. I have wondered if there is any connection with the two or the meds he takes for asthma/allergies? He is allergic to dust, mold, dogs, cats and feathers. I don't know how I can get him away from dust!?!? Maybe the allergies just aggravate the tics rather than cause them. We don't have any pets either. Why make things worse???



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        Allergies and TS

        Hi Grammy,

        I wear gloves when I dust and I find that it helps.

        I would agree with you that allergies aggravate tics and that allergies do not cause TS.

        I guess all the sneezing and sniffling causes stress which leads to an increase in Tics.