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"Negative" Behaviours and TS

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  • "Negative" Behaviours and TS

    Just a quick post and a quick hello as I am new to this forum.

    I have recently been diagnosed with TS (am now 36, was diagnosed 9 months ago, fairly mild neck and head twitches).

    I am married and have been with my wife for 6 years and now have a 2.5 week old baby daughter. Now all relationships go through ups and downs but ours has been a little more stormy than most.

    Up until my diagnosis I just put things down to personality issues and temperaments, but since my diagnosis I have noted that some people (adults) with TS have a predisposition to certain behaviours e.g. depressions, ADD, anger management issues etc.

    Now I don't want to draw any conclusions that are not valid, but for me figuring out my behaviours prior to diagnosis was amazingly frustrating (for both me and my wife) and since diagnosis things may look to make a little more sense.

    I have not looked for professional help (e.g. councelling) but this does need to happen soon. I also do not want to use TS as a scapegoat. I really do need some short term advice and maybe a recommendation on who would be good to see (I live in Ottawa) for ongoing support if there is a genuine relationship with these behaviours and TS.

    Thanks in advance

    Steve D

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    "Negative" Behaviours and TS

    Hi Steve,

    First of all, let me say congratulations on the birth of your daughter!! You must be very proud!

    The birth of your first child is a most blessed occasion but it is also a most stressful one. With your wife's hormones readjusting from the pregnancy, loss of sleep for both of you in feeding and changing your daughter all through the day and night, and adjusting your family life with your new member. The increased stress in your life right now for both you and your wife can cause some friction in the most happy couple.

    You could phone the TSFC head office for some recommendations for support. I don't think that TS is used as a scapegoat by people but having some adjustments in your life certainly makes for a happier life for all.

    Let us know how we can help.


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      "Negative" Behaviours and TS

      If you're looking for professional or medical help, you may want to get in touch with the psychiatry department at the Queensway-Careleton Hospital. In addition to obvious medication, they do offer some cognitive/behavioral therapy that can help dealing with symptoms of TS+.

      The Ottawa Chapter of the TSFC also offers monthly support meetings. They tend to vary in discussion, though. Some evenings are more specialized on parents talking about their children with TS, while others are better for adults with TS.

      It's very true that behavioral issues can arise with Tourette's Syndrome. OCD, ADD/ADHD and other disorders are commonly present as well. Also, some issues such as rage attacks and oppositional disorder are often associated with TS, although the exact link isn't clear. Many anxiety disorders in addition to OCD are also closely related to Tourette's. (In general, the neurological causes of Tourette's can also cause other disorders and inconsistencies in some cases.)