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  • Frustrated! Help!

    My little guy has Tourettes (diagnosed as severe) plus, with ADHD/OCD/ODD types of behaviours.

    He is 5 and will be 6 at the end of September.

    He has been potty trained since 3 years old and has always had to wear a pull up at night because of his meds (he sleeps through the urge to wake up and pee)

    I am fine with this and so is he.

    Except that he would try constantly to hide his pull-up still being on in the morning so that he could wear it all day and pee in it. He always got caught except one time he had on baggy pajamas and we had a pajama day... I didn't notice until I playfully patted his behind (IN THE EVENING AFTER DINNER!!!!!!! and felt it was still on and sopping wet.

    I was upset and asked him to go change, explained why pee can't sit next to skin, asked him where pee goes, etc. I then noticed a puddle in the middle of the living room. He had stood there watching tv, peed in his pull up instead of walking ten steps to the washroom, and let the pee run down his leg and onto the floor!!!!!!!! He was 5 years and a few months at this point.

    I have caught him peeing in the middle of his bedroom floor, on purpose @ 3 years old. He also did this at his dad's house.


    Fast forward to present... I could smell a urine smell in his bedroom. I asked him calmly, nicely if he had stashed dirty pull ups anywhere because he has also done this before... he said no. He swore to me no, over and over.

    The room has no carpet, I scrubbed floors, walls, washed bedding, mattresses, clothing, dressers, everything!

    I could still smell it. I checked down the vent, and gave him ample opportunities to fess up.

    Finally, exasperated, I told him that he had one more chance to fess up and tell me where the pee was, and if he didn't and I caught him lying I would spank him. It smelled sooo disgusting in his room!

    He swore adamantly that he did not know where the smell was coming from and that he didn't pee anywhere or put pull ups anywhere.

    I finally found the source today - he has been peeing in one cube out of his plastic drawer type shelving unit. Although I pulled the toys out before, the angle of the crack the urine was running down to and sticking in, I could not see previously see or pin-point the smell.

    He had moved this drawer and hidden it in his closet recently, so I noticed it and the smell right away when I opened his closet door today to put away clothes.

    Sorry for the long winded story.

    Does anyone's child have "pee" issues at this age?

    Do you think he may have been sleep "peeing" (finding the "toilet" in his sleep and pulling down his pull up and peeing)?

    Has anyone's child peed in strange places on purpose?

    Any advice? Ideas?

    Do you think he just wants to smell the pee, or its a defiance thing? Is he marking his territory?

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    Re: Frustrated! Help!

    Have you discussed this with his pediatrician or other health professional you may be consulting at this time?
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      Re: Frustrated! Help!

      Not yet. I left a message for call back.


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        Re: Frustrated! Help!

        My son was also VERY difficult to completely potty train. He is now almost 11 and is only now dry at night! He would hold in his BM's when stressed(which for him was often) he was about 6 before that was resolved. There can be many tics and OCD "things" that involve the sons washroom rituals are extensive. I would take Steve's advice and talk to your Doc. But please know that there are others here that have gone through the some frustration as you


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          Re: Frustrated! Help!

          My younger brother was/is like this except he didn't do it with pull-ups as he managed to outgrow them. For him, the most glaring example would be Q-tips and he would always leave them littered and stashed around used. He was/is like your son in that regard.

          It also sounds like your son receives proprioceptive stimulation from the pull ups and likes the weighted feeling of wet pull-ups.

          To me, the best solution for this is to find a new medication plan that allows your son to become fully dependent on the toilet. It also sounds like it might be wise to go to your GP and inquire about Autism Spectrum Disorders as it does sound like your child has some developmental issues. It may also wrap up the ADHD/OCD/rage/LD under one label and be treated appropriately.

          My younger brother, older sister and myself have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder of one sort or another so I'm basing my recommendations off of experience and what you have posted. That is, not a professional opinion by any mans.
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            Re: Frustrated! Help!

            Our son is an extremely social child, with a high IQ and so far, aside from his issues is developing at the right pace for everything.

            I had originally thought Autism too because I have many friends whose autistic children pee places in their room on purpose when angry.

            This is more than that but hard to figure out... the other day he told his cousins "look - I have a pee corner" and then peed on the wall in the basement. He somehow thought they would think this was cool?

            I don't get it. For the most part he is very socially aware, especially considering his disabilities.


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              Re: Frustrated! Help!

              Well if he is being that mischievous about what he is doing, I don't think the medication chnge will do that much difference. Still talk with your family physician.


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                Re: Frustrated! Help!

                Originally posted by Xelebes
                being that mischievous about what he is doing,I don't think the medication chnge will do that much difference

                The concern is this behaviour might be linked to his diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder which is why he should be further evaluated by a specialist.

                Medication (change) may be an option.

                Additionally, a mental health professional can help you learn or strengthen specific skills and parenting techniques to help improve your child's behavior and strengthen your relationship with him or her.
                (see Mayo Clinic treatment link below)

                Here are some resources that might shed insights:

                American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: ODD

                Mayo Clinic: ODD

                Specifically: Mayo Clinic / ODD / Treatement Options
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                  Re: Frustrated! Help!

                  my son also pee 'ed in his bedroom at a younger age he is now 8 we to smelled the urin but could not find it untill one day his dresser was soaked half way up and we decovered that he was peeing in the cornner of his room by his dresser for what appeared to be months. we pulled the rug and the floor under was also soaked , it was terrible. we had to change the whole floor to get rid of smell. but thankfully that behaviour did stop shortly after.