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Spouses of Asperger's patients

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  • Spouses of Asperger's patients

    Hi everybody. Currently I am 'in the process' of being diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. it has been apparent for some time that I have exhibited the symptoms since i was about 8, and having been diagnosed with TS and OCD in the past year and a half it seems very likely. Friends who have experience dealing with Aspergers patients have told me I exhibit symptoms without my asking them to assess.

    It now makes sense why i've burned through 95 percent of my relationships, both friendship and companionships, and recently my Girlfriend (who incidentally is very sarcastic, it is part of her humour) Is having trouble coping with my symptoms, and I as well seem to be at a point in my life where I feel change is needed. I am very happy with her and neither of us want to go our seperate ways.

    My problem areas seem to be continuing conversation, not being able to read emotions and facial expressions of my friends and vice versa, as well being very argumentative and having sensitivity to certain sounds and textures.

    Can anybody offer advice for her and others in our situation for coping with this?