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Another strange tic!

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  • Another strange tic!

    Ok, this is another strange tic I just picked up and Im not sure what to label it as. Lately I have been, almost unknowingly, been just touching my forehead or my mouth or maybe just having my hand up around my head. I have to rub my face to mask the fact that Im doing it, almost to give myself a reason for my hand being up there. But I do it all the time. I used to have a tic where I had to lightly touch my right ear lobe and that was it. This is the same thing only now its more my head. Im not really sure how or when it started but it was definately after my surgery. Could that have anything to do with it or is it totally random? Any ideas? Any one else do a similar tic?
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    Another strange tic!


    To my knowledge there is no particular rational to the origin or purpose of tics. The tics seem to come and go, or to wax and wane in medical terminology.

    I often wonder about the difference between compulsions and tics!

    Probably there's little to be gained by trying to figure them out, and just "go with the flow" 8)
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      Another strange tic!


      I am sure it is frustrating not really knowing. Touching parts of your face repeatedly in the same place could be OCD or a tic...I'm certainly no professional.

      My son goes for the top of one ear. He rubs and grabs so much that he has a tender spot on it. He does not have OCD, but does have TS.

      I hope you have been doing alright and it is good to see you again on the forum.

      Take care