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  • I'm New to The Tourette Family

    Hello Everyone:

    I am a stay at home mom of three boys aged 14, 10, and 9. The eldest boy has mild A.D.H.D., the middle one has severe A.D.H.D., O.D.D., Sensory Intagration Dysfunction, and was just diagnosed with TS., the youngest boy seems to be doing just fine. I've pick up the book "The Explosive Child" but seem to be having a difficult time getting through it. The specialist says he won't refer me to the pedeatric psychologist until I've read it and have started applying it to our son. It's hard to read a book that keeps making you fall asleep. I so want to be a good mom and help him in every way but I'm finding it difficult to cope with all of this.

    I'd give just about anything to have some piece and quiet in the house again. He never talks to us anymore. All he seems to do is yell and scream and my nerves can't take it anymore. His brothers are finding it extremely difficult to understand what is going on with him and are constantly hassling him. All the friends he did have are now gone because they just don't understand him and are tired of being verbally attacked all the time. He goes to a regular school with the assistance of an E.A. (Educational Assistant) .5% of the school day. He has his E.A. in the mornings and I've been fighting with the school to have it switched to the afternoon when he needs it the most. The school won't budge. Any suggestions how to get the school/principal/teacher to listen to us? I'm also looking for day camps for kids with TS. I think it would be good for him to know there are other kids out there with this and it's ok to be different. I'm looking for a camp in Ontario prefferably in the Durham Region.
    Looking forward to getting some input.


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    I'm New to The Tourette Family

    Welcome Rachele

    I am glad you found us.

    the middle one has severe A.D.H.D., O.D.D., Sensory Intagration Dysfunction, and was just diagnosed with TS
    I have 4 boys and my middle son has presented with the same symptoms as you described. I totally preach the practices of the "explosive Child" because I have heard Ross Greene speak three times and I have seen success with what he offers.

    A big discussion in this area can be read in this link anger fits, behavior and you'll find a really good recap of this book by Uschi

    Have you made contact with a local TSFC affiliate ? In addition to the information on the Forum, have a look at the TSFC Homepage to read the articles available for your information.

    You may wish to use this document as a printed reference for details about Tourette Syndrome to bring into the school to help them understand what is happening with your son.

    Feel free to join in any ongoing discussion on the Forum or post a new topic in any discussion section where you feel you would like to ask a question.

    TSFC Homepage


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      I'm New to The Tourette Family


      Welcome to the TSFC forum and I'm glad you found us.

      I've experienced that stages with my son. He has TS+ and this includes ADHD.
      The book is a good one and very helpful.

      I had to find a balance between age, condition, habits to get my son aimed in the right direction. This also included empowerment. Which i stopped once I did not feel guilty anymore.

      I know it seems odd to say but I think a parent has to go through some stages too to make a difference for the child and family. I know I certainly did.

      The aid may be a budget or schedule thing higher up the ladder and be related to the school district.
      If you are not getting answers from the principal why they support the schedule then you can go to the board. There is always someone in charge of these programs on a county level.

      Mornings are never the best for my son either, though he has improved and does better in school. You are right about the afternoon, since the help can get the work completed before coming home and keep it fresh in his mind. Unfortunately the same person helping your son may also be helping other students each week in other schools in the district.

      Janet has offered some good advice and guidance and I hope you spend some time reading posts and asking more questions.

      Please keep us posted on your progress and be assured you are not alone.


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        I'm New to The Tourette Family

        Welcome to the TSFC Forum Rachele!

        Glad you found us. Have you been in contact with any of the local TSFC support Chapters in your area?
        TouretteLinks Forum


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          I'm New to The Tourette Family

          Hi Rachele

          In response to your request for a camp in the Durham Region. You may wish to contact the foundation's national office to get the name of a camp that is suitable to your needs. They can be reached at 1-800-361-3120. While you're speaking to someone, you may also wish to discuss your school issues.

          Best of luck as you search for the answers. You have a wonderful on-line community in this forum to draw strength from.


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            I'm New to The Tourette Family

            Hello Rachele
            I am a neighbour of yours as we live in Whitby. My youngest son has TS and possible OCD. Lately my oldest son has been showing signs of ADHD, actually he has for the longest time, but he is adamant about a military career and we heard if medications are involved, he may not be accepted. But lately his hands are shaking, so I am wondering since Glenn's TS came out of the blue at almost 15yrs, maybe I missed something in my other one. But he is always fighting with his brothers, and yells more than talks as well. I think it is time I read the Explosive child as well. Both of them are identified, so for tests or extra help they are allowed to leave the classroom and go to the Academic Room for one-on-one. There are also EA's in the classroom for most of their classed. This is Grade 11. Our Dr's sent letters to the school recommending any assistance possible for my youngest. Have your Dr's done this?


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              I'm New to The Tourette Family

              Just wanted to say Hi!!!! :D


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                I'm New to The Tourette Family

                :D Hey! Welcome. I'm farly new here and it has soooooooo already helped me to realize im not alone! I hope you find the same results!


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                  Re: I'm New to The Tourette Family

                  Hi Rachele!!!

                  I am new to this also. I am a stay at home mom of 2 boys ages 7 1/2 and 5. My oldest son has been diagnosed with TS+. He has sensory issues, anxiety, ADD, and learning/language difficulties. His sensory issues have improved over the last year because he has seen an OT weekly. He has just started speech therapy, and since christmas is in a social skills training.

                  I have been so thankful that I have joined this forum. I feel like I have people to talk to that can relate to what I am going through as a parent. Everyone here has been so helpful and supportive.