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40 Little Life Hacks from the ADHD Experts

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  • 40 Little Life Hacks from the ADHD Experts

    40 Little Life Hacks from the ADHD Experts
    Additude Magazine
    Posted November 24, 2015

    40 Life Hacks We Wish We Tried Earlier

    "Give me a flat surface, and I will pile paper on it. Lots of paper."

    Learn the ADHD experts' personal secrets and systems for overcoming clutter, remembering appointments, keeping track of phones and keys, and generally living calmer with ADHD. Easy ways to simplify your life - starting today.

    Run-of-the-mill organization strategies don't work for us. Our ADHD brains — and attention spans — work differently; we need more creative, clever solutions to the problems of losing our keys, forgetting our bills, and missing appointments. Here they are, straight from favorite Additude Magazine ADHD experts (who also happen to have ADHD).

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