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Creative Strategies for Treatment of Anger

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  • Creative Strategies for Treatment of Anger

    The attached article outlines some creative strategies for the treatment of anger in children by Dr. Diane E. Frey Ph.D., RPT-S


    A caveat with regard to "square breathing" (or deep breathing technically referred to a diaphragmatic breathing) described in the article, as it may apply to a child with Tourette Syndrome, who may have a diaphragmatic tic, deep breathing may have to be modified and moderated to avoid triggering the tic, thereby causing unwanted stress.

    One way to overcome that problem is to limit the extent to which you inhale and exhale. If a value would be given to the outer limits of one's breathing capacity, say, from 1 to 10 where 1 would be the maximum exhale and 10 is the maximum inhale, then the breathing exercise would be done inhaling and exhaling from 2 to 8 to avoid triggering the tense response in the diaphragm.
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