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My brother messed me up

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  • My brother messed me up

    When I was younger, I had severe Tourette and OCD. My Tourette made me oversensitive, socially immature, unable to take jokes easily, and it made me take things too literally. My brother was an extroverted, insensitive, joking brother. Put two and two together, and it spells disaster.

    Seriously, it's as if he played basketball with me while my leg was broken. I was medically challenged, and he pulled that natural sibling aggression on me.

    I don't blame him at all though. Like, not at all. It's natural for siblings to do that type of stuff.

    However, I can't deny that what he did messed me up significantly. I get infuriated whenever I see ANYONE who reminds me REMOTELY of my brother. I used to have OCD thoughts about my brother, and in fact, I still sometimes do.

    I don't know what to do with my problems. Maybe it's the OCD, but right now I'm feeling intensely suicidal. My brother won't even acknowledge the effects he had on me as a medically challenged kid. I feel so empty, lost.

    Can anyone offer their thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

    EDIT: Sorry, I should've posted this in a different forum.
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    Re: My brother messed me up


    I'm confused by your post because of the apparent contradiction in what you wrote earlier:

    I do have a great relationship with my brother now. Like, about two years ago, he has started to mature greatly. We don't bully each other now, and he knows what my needs are.
    Are you addressing these specific issues in your therapy?

    Is this the first time you have had thoughts of suicide or have you had these before? Have you ever acted on these thoughts and do you have a plan?
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