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    In the 1990s, Dr Jeffrey Schwartz made the discovery that a four-step cognitive behavioural therapy he pioneered is capable of changing the activity in a specific brain circuit of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. After publishing his findings in scientific journals in the mid-1990s, Dr. Schwartz used his discovery (which is becoming a widely utilised treatment for OCD and has been corroborated by other research teams) as the basis for his book Brain Lock which leads readers through the four-step Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy that he devised to treat OCD.

    Dr. Schwartz's breakthrough in OCD provided the hard evidence that the mind can control the brain's chemistry, and that it can do so through the classic Buddhist idea of mindfulness. Mindfulness is another area that many sufferers are turning to in an attempt to use it to help them break free from OCD.

    Click HERE to read Four Step CBT
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    Re: OCD Self Help

    I was just wondering if anyone has read this book (Brain Lock)and tried it with success. I have read it but find that knowing what I should be doing isn't strong enough to overcome the obsessions and compulsions. I need someone/ something to keep me accountable. The same with the mindfulness meditation. I took a course and did well but after the course was over I fell into the same old patterns. Kinda like dieting. lol When noone is watching it's too easy to cheat and feel better in the moment.


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      Re: OCD Self Help

      You may need some assistance to work through the "steps" outlined in Brain Lock.

      I'm almost embarrassed to admit it but I've been treating OCD for several years using an approach I thought I'd developed myself by trial and error. I recently came across Brain Lock and discovered that my approach has several things in common with it.

      I can tell you that the general approach definitely works. However, I will also say that it takes perseverance, reality checking with a third person, and (in my opinion) medication, at least in the beginning.