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Ways to shake OCD/ Anxiety symptoms

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  • Ways to shake OCD/ Anxiety symptoms

    Im having a bit of difficulty shaking Obsessive thoughts.

    I'm a stove checker, and a way I get around this is by taking a picture of the stove turned off on my phone and keeping my phone with me at all times to check as needed.

    but my real problem lies with intrusive, uncomfordable thoughts. for example, i'll avoid going certain directions because i'm afraid I'll be killed by rabid dogs. Its so severe that I lose sleep over it and I often don't want to go to school because i'm afraid that somehow its going to happen. While the thought makes sense kinda, at the same time it doesn't because i've never had an encounter with a rabid animal, let alone an agressive dog. Some of my other obsessions include self harm thoughts, and some other equally disturbing thoughts i'de rather not mention. they really freak me out, and while I know i'll never act on them, I still don't feel good about them at all. What are some ways I can shake these?

    P.S. I don't really know how much of this is my obsessive compulsive and how much is anxiety, but all i know is i cant stop thinking the thoughts

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    Re: Ways to shake OCD/ Anxiety symptoms

    That is quite typical of OCD thoughts. The key is not to fight the thoughts. Rather, acknowledge that they are there ("oh there's that silly OCD thought again - it doesn't mean anything - it's just a thought - I don't have to pay any attention to it"). Let it come and go past you, like a train passing and receding into thje distance behind you. There's no power in the thoughts unless you give them power. They care just the way people with OCD worry. We all worry about things like safety. This is just your OCD way of worrying and trying to keep yourself (and maybe your loved ones) safe.

    I will repost some articles on OCD and how to deal with obsessional thoughts when I get a chance.


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      Re: Ways to shake OCD/ Anxiety symptoms


      I've frequently found some of the strategies described in this site helpful in overcoming intrusive and anxious thoughts.

      They describe how a shift in attitude along with specific visualization tools can help.

      Let us know if you find it helpful.
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        Re: Ways to shake OCD/ Anxiety symptoms

        thanks! My mom, who works for CMHA and has anxiety told me to find some word and focus on it. hers is "whack a mole" mines "Pineapple"

        The hardest one is being untrustworthy of people and/or obsessing about people poisoning my drink if I walk away from it. no big deal, just take my drink wherever I go. the thoughts are just exhausting.
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