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  • Eating Issue

    Over the past two or three months though I've only picked up on it in the past month, I have appeared to have picked up a compulsion along the way which affects me while I am eating. You see, it makes me eat fast. I realised something was up when a completed a full dinner in under a minute or two.

    When it plays up, I do try to slow myself down but when the compulsion is at its strongest, it actually hurts in the arms and chest unless I give in.

    Don't think I have really had an OCD before except for when the TS was in its early years where I counted in 4's as I walked along but nobody ever knew I did this but myself.

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    Re: Eating Issue

    Of course, eating fast is not good for digestion, as you know and the other down side of eating fast is the brain does not have the necessary time to signal that you're full, so there's a risk of over eating resulting in weight gain.

    A technique I learned during my working days, when lunches were often rushed, and I had a tendency to eat fast, was to put down my utensils periodically during the meal, focus on chewing and if eating with someone, take a moment for conversation without utensils in hand.

    It almost looks like I've finished eating when I put down the utensils, but the practice does help slow down my pace of eating, especially noticeable when eating with other fast paced dining companions.

    Do you feel it's an issue that might need professional intervention or can you try some strategies on your own, ST?
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      Re: Eating Issue

      Well there's some hints to go with at first, thank you.


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        Re: Eating Issue

        I feel like Batman.