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Eating Disorder Anyone?

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  • Eating Disorder Anyone?

    So... My OCD is very closely related to, and possibly one of the causes of my eating disorder and my TS tics are making it very hard for me to recover because they make it hard to go a whole meal without getting upset and triggered. Anyone else? Any advice?
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    Re: Eating Disorder Anyone?

    What treatments or therapy has been suggested or have you undergone to deal with your OCD symptoms and eating disorder, Highlandgirl?

    While waiting for others to offer their comments and suggestions, you may want to look through our Forum section on OCD as well as the related sections on our sister Forum, Psychlinks, which deals with these issues in a broader way:

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      Re: Eating Disorder Anyone?

      I imagine there are some sensory components to this.

      How about if you plan for 5 - 6 small meals per day? (Quasi snacks.) That is the solution for pregnant women who are having problems with swings in their blood sugar. Stoke the fire just enough to keep it going, and feed it more often, is the basic idea. Whatever serving sizes you are comfortable with, could you just plan for that, and then build in more opportunities to eat during the course of the day?

      Also, it might help to jot down places and situations in which you felt particularly comfortable eating. (Don't tell anyone -- but I love eating in bed!)

      Oh, I just thought of something. Some people go off their food sometimes because of a nauseous feeling. Ativan, which I mentioned in another post, has helped my son with his nausea (which is related to his anxiety and also his insulin resistance). Recently, an ENT, of all people, explained to me that Ativan works on the nausea center of the brain -- a lucky side benefit of the Ativan!
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        Re: Eating Disorder Anyone?

        Thank you for your replies!!

        I have been in CBT and a little bit of DBT... Now I am seeing a different therapist and I really don't like his method, whatever it is, but I'm trying to keep going to my appointments. Give it a chance. It might help... I hope it does.

        I think that my anxiety is a HUGE part of my ED as well as my tics so I have been talking to my psychiatrist about that. She is reluctant to change my medication because she doesn't want me to have to get much worse before anything gets better. She said we should wait it out. But hey... It was worth mentioning. I have been on Ativan before but it was relatively ineffective for the anxiety, but a change may be good anyways.
        If you ever want to give up, remember that there is a little girl watching who wants to be just like you... Don't disappoint her