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tic or ocd??

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  • tic or ocd??

    Hi all I am new here.
    My son is 10 and has been diagnosed with TS, ADHD and OCD.
    Latley whenever he has a bath/shower, before he goes upstairs, downstairs or outside he needs to tell me he loves me. This has been going on for about
    a couple of weeks. My question is... is this a tic or is it his OCD?
    He did tell me that he just has to say it, sometimes he is afraid that he will die in the bath/shower or upstairs and he wants me to know that he loves me.
    He is also very much afraid to go to bed at night, his room is upstairs and he can't cope with me being down in the basement. He keeps yelling down I love you, asks when his sister is coming to bed, what am I doing.
    If he is still awake when I go to bed, he becomes very upset that he will be
    up alone, I will fall asleep before him.
    He wants to come and sleep in my bed, my question is where do I draw the line? Do I let him sleep in my bed?
    Is all of this OCD??
    Any input would be much appreciated!

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    tic or ocd??


    Welcome to the TSFC forum. I hope you find it a great place to visit.

    I'm no professional but what you are describing my son does too. Anxiety is the issue with him. He is afraid of losing me or something happening to himself. My 12 yr old has ADHD, TS, ODD & anxiety disorder.

    How old is your son? Could you consider if he is older to move her downstairs and you upstairs near his room?

    My son has sleep pattern problems for several reasons and it is hard for me to get him to rest. I do not fall asleep before he is in his room. Sometimes we read together before bed in the room. He is twelve and still appreciates it.

    Saying I love you is very important and I have found that now that I say it to him before he ever considers saying it, helps him.
    He still runs to the door our out the door before I leave, or night time says it a lot, but there seems to be more assurance in the statement because I say it more now.

    I know, sounds odd but it works and seems to calm him down.


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      tic or ocd??

      When a child has a disorder like Tourette's, or ADHD, or OCD, it's often difficult to differentiate between what is part of the disorder and what is normal childhood fears, anxieties, and behaviors.

      The best advice I can give you is to strongly recommend that you make an appointment with a child psychologist who can ttalk to you about the origins and siognificance of these behaviors and how to best manage them or react to them.


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        tic or ocd??


        Welcome to the TSFC Forum! Phrases can sometimes be the expression of a vocal tic, but as your son is alluding to the fears you described, then as Dr. Baxter suggests, an evaluation by a child psychologist might be your best advice.

        By whom and how long ago was your son diagnosed with Tourette? Do you have access to a health professional who can assist in further evaluating your son's fears?
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          tic or ocd??

          Hi Tanner
          It sounds like what u described is or could be a part of yur sons OCD, thoughts of death or of family being hurt can be a symptom. I dont know if him sleepin in yur bed would make him feel more secure in the long run, but giving him all the attention and affirmation he needs now to make him feel as assured as possible is probably best even though it may be tedious to constantly tell him everything is ok.

          I think if his tik is to keep sayin he loves ya then u should hear what some other children with ts-ocd say to their parents


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            tic or ocd??


            How has your son been the past week?

            I am sure you are full of concerns and questions.

            Have you spoken to someone yet?

            You can push your Doctor into a referral or go to the Mental Health Center and push for the assessment you need. Concerns you are mentioning with death and family loss are perfect grounds to get he system moving faster.

            I've learned in my own case, getting the direction you need is important and knowing deep down you may have some concerns as a mother is just cause to find the answer.

            Please keep us posted on your progress and give your son lots of hugs and smiles.

            Take care


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              tic or ocd??

              Hi, my son is 12 years old and has been diagnosed with Tourette's with OCD tendencies. He reacts almost exactly the same way, but the need to tell me he loves me and to not be alone waxes and wanes like his tics. We actually ended up moving to a new house in order to have his room closer to ours and to the main living area. He has repositioned his bed so that he can see our bedroom door from his bed. I find that when he's really anxious about going to sleep alone it helps if I lay down with him and read to him, or sit in a chair in his room until he goes to sleep. This usually only lasts for a week or so, then we're good until the next time this particular need rises again. We're usually a couple of months between bouts of this anxiety.

              Usually we have to hide all of the pens, pencils, scissors, and other sharp objects at the same time as he becomes anxious that he may harm himself with them. Being understanding and not making a big fuss of his fears seems to help. And lots and lots of patience.