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Your input into the Tic Parade will provide valuable insights for parents of children with Tourette, adults with Tourette in addition to health professionals treating persons with Tourette.

The Tic Parade is a library or encyclopedia of Tourette tics in which each tic is described by the person who experiences or observes that tic.

Some tics are preceded by an urge or sensation in the affected muscle group, commonly called a premonitory urge. Some with TS will describe a need to complete a tic in a certain way or a certain number of times in order to relieve the urge or decrease the sensation.

By providing insights into what is observed as well as what is experienced might help the person with the disorder as well as those living with the person cope and know how to deal with their tics.

When posting the description of the tic you wish to discuss, go to the appropriate Forum section Head and Neck, Torso, Limbs or Vocal and title your message with one or two words that describe the tic.

For example some topic titles could be:
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  • Head Twisting
  • Shoulder Rolling
  • Choking Sounds
  • Abdomen Twitch

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Coprolalia - Involuntary utterances of obscene or inappropriate statements or words

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Head & Neck jerking

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  • Head & Neck jerking

    Have others experienced this with thier children or themselves?

    Do vocal tics or limbs respond at the same time?

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    Head &amp; Neck jerking

    My oldest is 13 and he has had a head and neck tic for over 2 years. He can sit and read with his head repeatedly twisting to the left and then it would stop only a few minutes and then go again. I have asked him to describe it but he use to just say "I didn't even notice". About 6 months ago he suddenly would add in a full rotation of his head ie his head would twist 3 times to the left and then rotate so that his face would be looking up to the ceiling and roll his head all the way round to the starting point.

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      Head &amp; Neck jerking


      My son does the same thing and now if he is upset during one of these moments his arms bend, elbows beside him and his wrist twist and flop back. He also has eye movement back and to the left side.

      For some odd reason always the left side gets it first from the neck up.


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        Head &amp; Neck jerking

        At what age did your son start this? has it ever left? My son has not had a break from this one. He would complain of neck and back pain and I was not surprised. He's better at describing how things feel and I haven't asked him lately but perhaps I should to see if I could get some insight into it so I can share. I have never noticed any odd eye movements with him. I have noticed that when on the computer or reading he does this and doesn't seem to miss a beat. I asked him how he can keep track of what he is reading and he told me that he don't know because he's been doing it so long that he's just adjusted. It doesn't interfer with his work performance and when asked by his peers at school he passes it off and say "it's just one of my tics" !

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          Head &amp; Neck jerking


          Understanding our circumstances with my son, the first time I saw it was around 11 years of age.

          It shows up now under stressful moments more then ever.
          The case worker thought he was having seizures when she saw it, not understanding TS.


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            Head &amp; Neck jerking

            i've had those. yea most of the times i would get them when i was stressed out. andthat thing you talked about the 3 twist, i dunno know about ur kid, but i used to do that for relief. its like, you can only twitch so much before its completely uncomfortable. it gets to the point were u just want to do it acouple of times in a role, sometimes it gives us a little more time of relaxation. but now the neck thing only happens to me during winter. i got this whole seasonal twitch thing going on.

            srry couln't answer ur question PJK, i dont have the vocal thing going on. but having multiple tics, i can tell you that a couple of them can be happening at the same time.
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              Head &amp; Neck jerking

              Welcome to the TSFC Forum and I appreciate your response.

              You may have something when you mentioned the relief part...

              I appreciate getting feed back from someone that does relate, because when my son experiences the rough tic's that can cause pain, he does not want to relive it by explaining to me.

              Your response provided another point of view to consider and i think you are on target.



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                jsut a thought.

                yea, alot of the time the most embarassing part about having a tic is trying to explain it. especially to a parent. Whenever my mother asked me about it i would just feel ashamed. The best thing you can do, well the best thing any parent can do is not to mention it so much. i know its hard for you to see him twitch and stuff, but i bet what he'd want the most is for people just to not care.

                i know it sounds kind of weird, and it might sound like im attackign every parent for caring so much, but i believe the best cure is for the family not to care about it. being a parent i know its kind of hard not to care about anything ur kid does. But ts is a very embarassing deal. i dont know how old u kid is but when it comes to the age of being a teen, try not to push it. Ask him if wants to take meds, if he wants to go to doctors. make sure he's into a sport, or has a hobby. i've notice that when im doing my art im so concentrated on it that my ts goes away, or maybe its there i just dont notice it. and not caring about real makes me feel good. i dont twitch as much and i come up with some awesome art.

                Bottom line is, try not to zero in on ur childrens tics. he probably gets alot of stuff coming from teachers and other kids his age. let the home be his "safe zone" where the whole ts thing doesn't exist. it helps, alot.
                Be the parent, not another doctor.


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                  Head &amp; Neck jerking

                  You are so right!

                  We don't make a big deal over the TS in our home. Obviously I know when he has tic's but we just don't go there.

                  He is no longer on med's for his tic's but still on some med's for the other disorders. He is doing pretty well with it now.

                  He reads some postings here on occasion when they relate to what he is up against to help a bit so he does not feel isolated. AT times he will ask me questions or express frustrations or concerns to me but I do not start the conversation.

                  Over all he is alright with having TS. His tic's can be hard on him and I understand the "embarrassment" factor in public/school.

                  He will be starting a new school soon and I am having a in service worker come in advance to explain TS to the other students to hopefully calm down the bully attitude.
                  I want him to feel alright about it and not feel like he has to defend himself. I have seen it so bad before that his aggression rises and someone always gets hurt and it is never him.

                  If it does not work out, we have another option at home.

                  He is very bright and a head of his age (almost 13) in reading. He likes to build websites and is a moderator for a major game on the net.

                  We have a planning meeting this week with the school and they are familiar with TS and multiple disorders, so we have a better chance settling him in there then in the past.

                  Thank you for your input and again you are right. Once a parent and child get to the point they understand TS families usual settle in for the ride.

                  Our purpose here is to provide support and make them all feel like they are not alone and it is not just happening to them.

                  I am very glad you have chosen to be part of the forum. You may want to check out the Youth section. A lot of the concerns you could relate too and have been through. We have others your age that participate in there but the forum title "Youth" has not been changed.

                  I already addressed that for consideration but this site is still evolving.


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                    Head and Neck Jerking

                    My son tic's first with his head then his arm comes up like he's going to elbow someone then he clears his throat or coughs. This is just recent and quite surprising because this is a first that they have come in such a quick succession(one after the other).

                    He has other tic's but none of the others are followed by other ones. (I hope this is making sense.) I was wondering if anyone else has expereienced this themselves or with their child?

                    It seems that because of the frequency, it happens three of four times in a row several times a day, that there is pain also.


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                      Head &amp; Neck jerking


                      What you are describing my son has experienced. He can go through the process for the entire day sometimes. It is a combination of vocal & motor tics in a rhythm or pattern that repeats itself three to four times effecting his arms, shoulders, neck & head. In his case it will ease up for a bit and then start over again.

                      Usually in his case when the multiple combination happens it seem directly related to stresses or anxiety and when they first started it appeared mostly out of frustration that they exist.

                      My son has experienced a lot of pain from some of his motor tics.

                      We have seen a major difference in his frequencies and this has made it easier for him recently.


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                        Head &amp; Neck jerking


                        Keep in mind that if your son is starting to come off his meds then he may see a period where his tics are more frequent. My two boys have had complex tics which can be a combo of 2 or more different movements however I haven't seen them have the vocal join in too. The nature of this syndrome is so different for everyone as you can see. PJK totally can relate to what you are seeing and yet I have three of us in my house with TS+ and haven't seen it. Only goes to show how different everyone presents.

                        It will be interesting to see how many others reply with the same experiences as your son.

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                          Head &amp; Neck jerking

                          Hi Everyone, I have the head jerk, twist thing. My head will bop from left to right and I will twist my head as far as it can go. It almost looks like you are trying to break your neck. I will use my hands to press my head as I always feel the my neck needs to crack (just like knuckles). I also will move my head as far left or right as it may go and pause there for 3 seconds or so. I have had this for at least 15 years. It is a hard one to explain. it feels like a need to remove the stiffness. Its funny when people ask me why I do this. I usualy respond with, "you don't have TS, you crack your knucles, Byte your nails and smoke" none are good for you, but why do you do them. It simply releaves an urge that has no purpose. For me the hardest thing to deal with is my close family and friends. They always think that by pointing out your tics that it will make you aware and stop doing it. It makes things worst when you know you are being watched. it raises your stress level wich agravates things and makes us concentrate more on our tics. And when we think of them, they usually come on more often. When they do this, I usualy leave and isolate myself where nobody will bother me.

                          We need to make our children aware that we want to help them without buging them too much or they will isolate themselves and will not be comfortable in leting us know what is going on in their minds. This distance will be costly in time to get them the help they need. The best help they can have is an Understanding and patient friend/family member and a person who just accepts him/her as they.

                          sorry for the long post, but it just kep coming out. We supress these things for so long and in a flash, they come back.



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                            Head &amp; Neck jerking


                            You make some very good points and thanks for sharing.

                            BTW never be concerned about long posts...and IAC this one doesn;t even come close to being lengthy :P :lol:

                            The interesting observation you make, which I found to be true as well is that some tics need to be extended to the absolute maximum travel or capability of the muscle group involved.

                            So the head twist needs to go as far as the neck allows, and the arm extension has to go as far as the arm will extend.

                            We need to make our children aware that we want to help them without buging them too much or they will isolate themselves and will not be comfortable in leting us know what is going on in their minds.
                            • AMEN!! :!:

                            Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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                              Head &amp; Neck jerking

                              oh boy do I have a lot to say ok I used to shake my head forward now I shake it back and boy does it hurt and yes it used to drive me insane when my parents told me not to do it but now they understand I also have a habit of copying things I see on tv or read about so say I will read about a tic I will start doing that tic myself for a bit. when I was in grade seven I had a head ache that laster half the year I have a head ache right now as I type this. I used to have problems in my school with my Tourettes and OCD believe me. But the best thing to do is not to worry unless your son is in major pain then take him to the hospital but that is a no brainer. Well thats all I have to say right now