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Coprolalia - Involuntary utterances of obscene or inappropriate statements or words

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son is clenching hands and crossing fingers

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  • son is clenching hands and crossing fingers

    I am not sure if what devon is doing is tic or ocd related.. but hes more often then not now clenching his hands in an arch and crossing his two fingers ( like hes making a wish for good luck)....its quite weird to look at because he does it for minutes at a time.. i tried asking him about it to see if he was conscious he was even doing it and he just shrugged his shoulders and carried on lol. sometimes its one hand at a time sometimes its both. he could be in the middle of an activity too.. in the pool. sandbox, eating lunch... he will actually try to do things WITH his hands while his hands are like this too. can i safely assume this is part of the tourettes? is this common at all?


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    son is clenching hands and crossing fingers

    Hi Suzanne,

    My son does something like this. He does movements with his fingers and even when I hold his hand to cross the street, he fingers will still do the movements.

    He can hold a pencil but will stop writing at times to do it but overall it doesn't affect his schoolwork.

    The movements are TS but anything more involving a ritual and needing to do it for safety reasons then it is more like OCD but many children have both TS and OCD. Therefore, making it difficult to distinguish between the two.


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      son is clenching hands and crossing fingers

      devon has NEVER liked you to hold his hand.. even while crossing a busy street which has always made it very difficult for me. So i usually either steer him loosly around the shoulders or around the lower neck where it meets his shoulder or by grabbing onto his hoody, sleeve whatever. usually if i try to hold his hand he abruptly pulls it away like i have burned him. Hes done this from a toddler.

      hes also a frequent hand washer too but only when it suits him.. it totally depends on WHAT is on his hands...loves to help me wash dishes.. he goes through phases with baths, at some points he would be in the tub 4 times a day.. the water is a total sensory calming place for him. he loves the baby pool too.. however the BIG pool he flips out in.,. if my older son makes a wave pool or goes in circles to make a whirl pool he will start to scream. but getting back to the hands.. he even eats with his hands. he will hold his fork with one hand and eat with the other. His hands also do this twitch thing when his eyebrows tic -he pushes them up, hold its, releases his hands move at the same time.

      the crossing fingers thing i swear he did before, like a year or so ago but i thought was just a kid thing.. a phase. Now i am noticing it again and its quite frequent. If it went away before i bet it will intermittently come and go in the future. Just not sure if hes doing it out of ritual ( ocd) before he does something or tic however there is such a fine line isnt there



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        son is clenching hands and crossing fingers

        Hi Su

        It is sometimes an ongoing debate as to whether or not a movement is a tic or ocd... sort of like the age old mystery, "what came first... the chicken or the egg?" LOL

        When a movement or action is OCD related, most often there is a reason behind why we do what we do... doesn't have to be a logical reason, just a reason. You will most often find that the motor tics are just involuntary and your son doesn't realize he is doing it till you draw his attention to it... be ware that once you draw his attention to something that he was not aware of before, he may start to explain it away because sometimes the kids feel embarrassed and then need to beable to justify their behaviors.... it's not the same as having a "reason why" he has to do something"

        An example for me (having TS plus) is that if I touch the tips of my fingers with my nails on one hand my ocd makes me do it to the other hand to meet my need to have symmetry and balance or I get stuck and can't move forward to anything else... a tic I have is that I suck the roof of my mouth to the point that my mouth gets so dry I can barely swallow... I don't realize I do this until I can't swallow... I would never be able to explain why I would do such a thing... it's totally involuntary... does that make any sense?

        As for the handwashing, if it is "selective" it could be due to the textures of what he touches vs what many people with only OCD worry about which is germs and that is what causes the onset of their compulsive handwashing. Keep in mind when there is a diagnosis of TS the OCD behaviors present differently than when someone just has OCD.

        Keep doing what you're doing, when you observe a new behavior watch it for a while and see how long it sticks around before you mention it to him. That is what I do with my kids (two diagnosed, two others are presenting with tics and other symptoms... but not "yet" diagnosed by our doctor) and it helps me sort out what is happening with them.

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          son is clenching hands and crossing fingers

          I used to cross my fingers all the time but I never thought of it as anything but now that I look back on it, it probably was a tic about the finger crossing it will probably will go away with time plus he or she will have more flexibility in his or her fingers