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Please Read This Before Posting in Tic Parade

Your input into the Tic Parade will provide valuable insights for parents of children with Tourette, adults with Tourette in addition to health professionals treating persons with Tourette.

The Tic Parade is a library or encyclopedia of Tourette tics in which each tic is described by the person who experiences or observes that tic.

Some tics are preceded by an urge or sensation in the affected muscle group, commonly called a premonitory urge. Some with TS will describe a need to complete a tic in a certain way or a certain number of times in order to relieve the urge or decrease the sensation.

By providing insights into what is observed as well as what is experienced might help the person with the disorder as well as those living with the person cope and know how to deal with their tics.

When posting the description of the tic you wish to discuss, go to the appropriate Forum section Head and Neck, Torso, Limbs or Vocal and title your message with one or two words that describe the tic.

For example some topic titles could be:
  • Barking
  • Finger Flicking
  • Head Twisting
  • Shoulder Rolling
  • Choking Sounds
  • Abdomen Twitch

When discussing coprolalia, please use common sense in describing the nature of the words or terms being used. Although some latitude will be allowed in the use of the actual word or term, any exaggerated or flagrant use of profanity on the Forum will not be tolerated and postings will be removed.

Coprolalia - Involuntary utterances of obscene or inappropriate statements or words

See also Overview of Tourette Tics
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Hand Clenching

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  • Hand Clenching

    My son pokes himself and anything near him with the points of his fingers. He has done this for well over a year without any injury.

    Just recently he has begun to clench his hands into a fist, so often that the palms of his hands are very sore.

    I keep his nails cut but there is still bruising and even some bleeding.

    He is having a hard time doing even simple tasks because of the pain.

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    Hand Clenching


    My son has experienced this in 2004, even with his nails cut back he would still hurt himself to the point of not being able to hold a fork or spoon or write without hurting.

    We found the act involuntary like a tic and he seemed to get relief from the act. In his case he would then get upset with himself for doing it.

    He also had a lot of uncertainty in his life and was learning to deal with his tics. It was not until this summer that he was confirmed to have TS though another Doctor said he possibly had it in 2004.

    How are the stresses at school since the diagnosis? Is he settling in or having any difficult experiences with teachers or other students?

    There are some books published for different age groups that help explain the feelings someone with TS has that might help. Others on this forum have provided personal insight on them. Some of the books are available for TSFC.

    I did some reading in advance and when the opportunity arose I took it to explain TS to my son. It took many short talks but once he understood that what was happening to him was alright, and others have the same experiences, he began to cope better and would reach out to me when he was experiencing physical tics.

    You will notice I have a post in about every category on the Tic Parade.

    It is hard to explain in words but in our case its like someone with asthma,
    the attack at first frightens them which makes it worse. I've seen this with his sisters having attacks when they were young. But once there is better understanding, everyone including the child rolls with it and does not hesitate to reach out when they need help.

    This is the same way my son's tic's have evolved. His self confidence is higher now and he no longer punishes himself for having tics or fights them. Some have gone and others have come since then but we feel more confident ourselves that he will be alright now and manage.

    In time your son can feel the same way.

    Is there a local TSFC Chapter in your area? It can make the difference that you need as a parent to provide support to your family but most importantly let your son know he is alright and like other children he meets.

    Please keep us posted on your progress and experiences and be assured you are not alone.


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      Hand Clenching

      Ow!!! I'm wondering if something he could hold would help. Like, one of those stress balls that fit in the palm of your hand? Maybe he could hold that and squeeze it and find it a satisfactory solution to the hand clenching tic. Sometimes I use substitition when out in public--like my screeching tic. I'll just breathe out with enough force to try to get every single bit of air out of my lungs. It's not a 'permanant' solutino for me, but it'll often help me 'hold off' the need to do the actual screeching.

      Hope this help. ?