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The Tic Parade is a library or encyclopedia of Tourette tics in which each tic is described by the person who experiences or observes that tic.

Some tics are preceded by an urge or sensation in the affected muscle group, commonly called a premonitory urge. Some with TS will describe a need to complete a tic in a certain way or a certain number of times in order to relieve the urge or decrease the sensation.

By providing insights into what is observed as well as what is experienced might help the person with the disorder as well as those living with the person cope and know how to deal with their tics.

When posting the description of the tic you wish to discuss, go to the appropriate Forum section Head and Neck, Torso, Limbs or Vocal and title your message with one or two words that describe the tic.

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  • Barking
  • Finger Flicking
  • Head Twisting
  • Shoulder Rolling
  • Choking Sounds
  • Abdomen Twitch

When discussing coprolalia, please use common sense in describing the nature of the words or terms being used. Although some latitude will be allowed in the use of the actual word or term, any exaggerated or flagrant use of profanity on the Forum will not be tolerated and postings will be removed.

Coprolalia - Involuntary utterances of obscene or inappropriate statements or words

See also Overview of Tourette Tics
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Holding breath

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  • Holding breath

    I've seen my son hold his breath before but not like a regular child does out of a dare or attention.

    No puffy cheeks, just stops breathing. I've also seen him turn blue

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    Holding breath

    My mother says when I was younger (I don't remember this) I would hold my breath when I was angry until I passed out. She was concerned and talked to the pediatrician and he said 'well, when she passes out does she start breathing again?"... my mother sayd "yes".... so he said "well, then there's nothing to worry about!".... Yikes! LOL His casual attitude about it makes me think it isn't TS related but just 'kid stuff'. He must have seen it more than rarely.


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      Holding breath

      at the moment this is one of my worst "tics"
      i dont know if it is a tic or not but i have to breath in as much as i can,hold my breath,then breath in a little more,then hold,then try and sqeeze in one more little gasp and hold,i do this so much that it hurts my chest/lungs/throat/windpipe etc,i have an ache in my sternum and i also do it when i am talking so it appears i have a stammer or something,like i cant get my words out but it isnt that ,i am holding my breath,this whole process only takes a few seconds but i do it very frequently,
      most annoying,especially when i am talking to soneone and they are waiting for me to carry on my sentence ,grrrr


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        Holding breath

        Hi all,

        You all sound like you are used to dealing with this tic.

        Midnight, my son just started breathing deeply and holding his breath briefly. Just the last couple of days. I sure don't like this one. I'd rather seem him twitch his arms or neck. He hasn't complained of chest pain or anything though. Is there anything you do to help with it?

        PJK, what did you do when your son turned blue? Is this a regular tic for him? How did you help him or how does he handle it? He is a teenager, right? Does it cause any damage?




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          Re: Holding breath

          Originally posted by PJK
          I've seen my son hold his breath before but not like a regular child does out of a dare or attention.

          No puffy cheeks, just stops breathing. I've also seen him turn blue

          When my son was very young he used to stop breathing as well. He would be in the middle of a sentance and then he would start to turn blue, and then black out. It would terrify me. I would take him to the hospital and they would say it was most likely a temper tantrum, but it never was. He had several episodes between the age of 1.5 -4 years old. As a teenager he complains on occasion that he cant breathe, and worries about fainting. I believe these episodes tend to be when he is having a panic attack.


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            Holding breath

            you never told me that I blacked out just turned purple