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By providing insights into what is observed as well as what is experienced might help the person with the disorder as well as those living with the person cope and know how to deal with their tics.

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Coprolalia - Involuntary utterances of obscene or inappropriate statements or words

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Has anyone ever hurt themselves ticcing?

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  • Has anyone ever hurt themselves ticcing?

    Today was a pretty tic-heavy day for me, including a lot of shoulder shrugs and arm swings. And now here it is 3 AM and my left shoulder is absolutely killing. There's a sharp pain, I feel throbbing, and the muscles feel tight. I'm a little worried that I may have actually done something to it with all the involuntary movement. I'll have to get that checked out tomorrow.

    Has that ever happened to you, though? Ticcing so much that you actually injure yourself? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

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    Re: Has anyone ever hurt themselves ticcing?

    ummmmm I used to have a head jerking tic which would drive me crazy and hurt my neck and now that Im talking about it its back lol ya I had something like that.


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      Re: Has anyone ever hurt themselves ticcing?

      I used to have a tic where I would basically have to hit myself in the face (on my right temple). It hurt.

      Having a nerf ball on my desk was helpful, because I could hold it and hit myself with that instead of my hand/fist. It lasted for a few months.


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        Re: Has anyone ever hurt themselves ticcing?

        Youre not the only one, my head jerk tic hurt me and more hurt me more tics i do, like i think i canĀ“t do it because hurt me, and my body make it again again and again for the perfect tic, sometimes i think i am crazy


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          Re: Has anyone ever hurt themselves ticcing?

          we got a poet here lol


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            Re: Has anyone ever hurt themselves ticcing?

            My son is 12 and he has alot of back pain..It is always very extremely sore. Its more in his right hip side infact it well even cause his one leg to be shorter than the other . He gets pressure points done. It really helps over all for his back pain.. But often he will tell me his legs are to tired to walk. And I rub his back every night. Poor guy.


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              Re: Has anyone ever hurt themselves ticcing?


              i'm sore tonight from head tics and joint snapping. i get sore in the shoulders and upper spine. Can anyone recommend someone who can help?

              I have only been in Toronto since November last year. My son has Tourettes too and is at CDI.


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                Re: Has anyone ever hurt themselves ticcing?

                I am always sore from my tics - especially now that they are back in full force and my muscles got "out of shape" (for lack of a better term). When I was first diagnosed with TS I would swing my head back and forth and back and forth and could not stop - it got to the point where my neck hurt so badly I couldn't really sit up, and even when I could the tic would just start back up, causing me even more pain. Thankfully, that one hasn't been as bad in the past year or so, but it has just started to be more prominent and even as I'm typing this I have severe shoulder/neck pain because of it.

                Heat pads and ointments (like the Icy Hot stuff) really helped me when the pain was super bad - I had one of those fabric things filled with the pellet-like stuff that you heat in the microwave and that always helped.


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                  Re: Has anyone ever hurt themselves ticcing?

                  (sorry to double post but it's too late to edit my original post...)

                  I completely forgot about this one tic until I started doing it 2 minutes ago - I grind my teeth and clench my jaws (bad) but on top of that I ... gnash (for lack of a better word) my teeth, opening my mouth as wide as it will go and biting down really hard. I did this so much a while ago that I ended up fracturing a tooth (really unbelievably painful) and had to get the tooth drilled and filled in like it was a cavity (the dentist later told me she thought I was going to have to have a root canal).

                  So ya, you are definitely not the only one who injures themselves ticcing. (that's not counting all the times I've made myself so dizzy from tics that I fall down or into a wall, I hit my arm against the wall, hoarse from throat clearing, the list goes on and on...)


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                    Re: Has anyone ever hurt themselves ticcing?

                    My upper spine really hurts. I do have to see a chiropractor to put things back where they belong. LOL Ice is the only thing that takes the pain away from my upper spine and back of the head. My joints hurt becuase I snap them alot. I just wish there was more programs in place for us adults to help us cope with the physical side of tics. My upper sping is almost in phase 3 which isn't good at all. My shouldes hurt me alot too. sometimes I can barely carry a purse. My son, at ten, already needs a chiropractor as well. Take care.


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                      Re: Has anyone ever hurt themselves ticcing?

                      I do that too. I have broken many teeth. like fractures. Then your jaws hurt and ears. .Hate that tic.