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Tourette Canada Online Forum is a free, safe, moderated online community where registered users can exchange ideas, information and support about issues related to Tourette Syndrome. Tourette Canada has recently changed the server and refreshed the pages so returning members will notice a brighter look. Tourette Canada welcomes back two former moderators, Janet Rumsey and Cathy Wylie, to the Forum. Their knowledge and insight will serve the Tourette Forum participants with dedication and expertise.

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Please Read This Before Posting in Tic Parade

Your input into the Tic Parade will provide valuable insights for parents of children with Tourette, adults with Tourette in addition to health professionals treating persons with Tourette.

The Tic Parade is a library or encyclopedia of Tourette tics in which each tic is described by the person who experiences or observes that tic.

Some tics are preceded by an urge or sensation in the affected muscle group, commonly called a premonitory urge. Some with TS will describe a need to complete a tic in a certain way or a certain number of times in order to relieve the urge or decrease the sensation.

By providing insights into what is observed as well as what is experienced might help the person with the disorder as well as those living with the person cope and know how to deal with their tics.

When posting the description of the tic you wish to discuss, go to the appropriate Forum section Head and Neck, Torso, Limbs or Vocal and title your message with one or two words that describe the tic.

For example some topic titles could be:
  • Barking
  • Finger Flicking
  • Head Twisting
  • Shoulder Rolling
  • Choking Sounds
  • Abdomen Twitch

When discussing coprolalia, please use common sense in describing the nature of the words or terms being used. Although some latitude will be allowed in the use of the actual word or term, any exaggerated or flagrant use of profanity on the Forum will not be tolerated and postings will be removed.

Coprolalia - Involuntary utterances of obscene or inappropriate statements or words

See also Overview of Tourette Tics
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the 24 day tic

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  • the 24 day tic

    my 11 year old daughter has been "hiccuping" for the last 24 days. well that is atleast how it started out. now it is long drawn out words and all kinds of strange things. we have run the gammot of tests and stumped so many people it is crazy. her pidiatrician was the first to suggest TS and after looking into it man does it make sence. it explains so much, the throught clearing, the pacing. the funny face she makes every once and a while.but the thing that really stumps me is how the 7 dr.s she saw didnt even think about this at all. it was never mentioned at all. this seemingly sudden and sever onset has startled and scared us all . these tics have been every 30 seconds for the last 2 weeks with no breack except very late into the night. she is tiered and worn out and frankly so am i. is this normal or are we just sticking out. as well my daughter is very affraid of all of the stuff that has happened and is currently not attending school. she will be having a touter after christmas break and hopefully returning soon, if the risparidone starts to work soon so if there are any kids out there that could send a note of reassurance to her( Paulina) that would be great

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    I have a twelve yr old with tourettes

    Some of the things you are mentioning are happening in our case as well. My son was diagnosed with ADHD as early as 3 but just diagnosed with tourettes this past summer as well as OCD. There are so many challenges. I tried homeschooling for a while but he is so social that he was miserable. I am looking now for a school in our area that caters to children with similar needs. I am willing to share any info I have found in the future if you need it.


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      12 year old with Tourettes

      Your story sounds familiar. My son has been having tough time with vocal tics for the last 6 months. I hope that drug helps your daughter, it may have helped my son some, but not as much as I had hoped it would. It made his thinking confused, and that frustrated him and me. He is usually so sharp. He stammers and stutters when he is trying to say something, and then between sentences. Other times he doesn't do it at all. He does the most throat clearing after he eats. He has had Tourettes for a number of years, but the vocal tics got a lot worse about 6 months ago.

      The Tourettes Clinic in Winnipeg at St. Boniface is really great. Give them a call.


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        the 24 day tic

        My 10-year-old daughter has TS, though I've only observed it for about 5 months, so she doesn't have an official diagnosis of it yet, according to protocol...She has facial grimaces where she opens her mouth very wide, she clears her throat a lot after eating, she jerks her head from time to time, and displays other various tics... When her body "hiccups", too, it squeezes her bladder and she has to change her underwear several times a day. This seems to be what bothers her the most right now...I don't know what to do about it. Does anyone have any advice for me?


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          the 24 day tic

          You mentioned a sudden severe onset...this might be PANDAS...has your daughter had any strep infection lately?


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            the 24 day tic

            Well, I will say that the medical profession in all its knowledge doesnt really know much about the disorder. (at least from my opinion) I went in for an MRI for my knee once none of the nurses really knew what tourettes was. My dad and me kept trying to explain, I need something to relax cause my tourettes will make me twitch and you need to be perfically still for an MRI. Than, the doctors and nurses took forever while we waited and came back and said they dont believe that tourettes affects the lower part of a persons body. I was stunned. Heck, my first grade teacher, not my pediatrician, suggest I get checked for it. So what Im trying to say is I could believe that 7 doctors didnt mention it before, it just doesnt seem to be a very well known disorder, again, my opinion, not a fact.
            The other day at a local grocery store, I saw a rack with books on it and one of them said, "pregancy for dummies"............