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Coprolalia - Involuntary utterances of obscene or inappropriate statements or words

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The dry strained cough

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  • The dry strained cough

    Recently due to stress my son is experiencing a dry strained hacking cough. There is no medical reason for this.

    I have seen this before in him years ago when stress was at its worst for him.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to ease the cough. I am concerned his throat will be raw after a few more days of this.

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    The dry strained cough

    Hi, my son does this and I tell him to concentrate on his breathing. I will look him in the eyes and deep breathe with him and sometimes this will get him to stop coughing but sometimes he coughs anyway. I hope it helps, Steph


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      The dry strained cough


      Because many medications interact with ingredients found in cough preparations, you would probably want to avoid syrups containing decongestants and antihistamines.

      However, a cough syrup containing only an anti tussive ( anti cough) like dextromethorphan is not likely to result in drug interactions. I would double check, however with your doctor or pharmacist or even better on a drug interaction checker such as Discovery Health

      If you use Discovery Health, you need to disable pop up blockers for that site, as the interaction checker works as a pop up.

      Another option could be lozenges or cough drops which are generally benign preparations, but it's always a good idea to check the ingredients.

      The most important consideration is a drug/drug interaction with psychotropic drugs (like those commonly used to treat Tourette and related conditions) and many prescription and over the counter preparations
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        The dry strained cough


        Very true.

        When my son needs medications they are never over the counter for this reason.


        Thank you for your feed back. When he woke up this morning he was doing much better. It was a bad 48 hours for him. Hopefully he is more relaxed today. Any change (good/bad) can really effect him at times.

        Take Care. :D


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          The dry strained cough

          The cough drop and hard candy route seems to work for my daughter. She has braces and recently has started to chew sugar-free gum and I will need to watch more closely to see if this helps her with this coughing too.


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            The dry strained cough

            HI bugzmom

            That is a great idea with the candy and gum. There are times when I go through sucking on the roof of my mouth and I too get dried out. I find keeping mints or gum in my mouth makes a difference.

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