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Self Injury and Tourette

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  • Self Injury and Tourette

    Self injurious behaviour in Tourette syndrome: correlateswith impulsivity and impulse control

    Self injurious behaviour (SIB), the deliberate, nonaccidental, repetitive infliction of self harm without suicidal intent, is present in approximately 4% of the general psychiatric population.

    Although SIB can occur in awide variety of neuropsychiatric disorders, it has been reported most frequently in borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, and psychoactive substance abuse, where the SIB appears to serve the purpose of reducing tension and regulating affect, and in pervasive developmental disorders and organic brain disorders such as Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, where it may be related to neurochemical dysregulation.1–3 SIB also occurs with some frequency in movement disorders, most notably Tourette syndrome (TS).

    See attachment for complete article.
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