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  • Genetic Research Study Seeks Participants


    Help Us Find the Genes that
    “Cause” Tourette Syndrome

    The Tourette Syndrome Association International Consortium for Genetics (TSAICG) is at the forefront of identifying the genes that increase risk for Tourette Syndrome (TS).

    We are working together with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to find the genes involved in the development of TS. We believe that understanding why people have TS will help lead to better diagnosis and improved treatment for those who struggle with tics and related problems.

    In 2010, close to a 1000 people with TS joined our Genetics of Tourette Syndrome study. We want to thank everyone who has participated in this research study so far. If you have started the study but have not yet finished, please give us a call! We are closer now than ever to our 2011 goal – enrolling 3000 participants. But we still need help!

    If you or a family member have not already participated in our study but are interested, here is some information for you to consider.

    We are looking for adults (ages 18 and above) or youth (ages 6 to 17) who have a diagnosis of TS from a doctor.

    To begin the study, adults with TS will fill out a questionnaire about their own tics and related symptoms. For youth with TS (ages 6 to 17), a parent will be required to fill out the questionnaire for (or with) their child. The questionnaire can be completed online or over the phone. To start the questionnaire, please visit The questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to complete online.

    Answers to the questionnaire will be reviewed to see if the person with TS (you or your child) qualifies for the second part of our study - giving a blood sample used for genetic analysis. Only one eligible family member with a TS diagnosis can provide a blood sample. Individuals with TS can only participate in this study one time. Some participants will also be selected to take part in a longer, optional interview.

    To learn more about the study, please go to OR call 1-877-883-9350 (1-TS STUDY E 50) (East Coast U.S.) or 1-877-883-9950 (1-TS STUDY W 50) (West Coast U.S.). You can also find out about the Genetics of Tourette Syndrome Study on Facebook.

    Remember that calling for information does not obligate you to participate in the study.

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