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Will study of healthy brain shed light on autism?

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  • Will study of healthy brain shed light on autism?

    From an article published in the Globe and Mail:
    Will study of healthy brain shed light on autism? Researchers hope so

    Here is the start of the article:

    A discovery about how the brain matures in healthy children could help researchers learn more about what goes wrong in disorders like autism.

    A team of American and Canadian scientists has found that some regions of the brain mature in sync with each other, and that these tend to be areas involved in higher cognitive functions, such as interpreting information, reasoning and problem solving.

    “The obvious question is does this differ if you have autism? Does this differ if you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?” asks Jason Lerch, a scientist at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, part of the team that published the study in the journal Neuron.

    The team tracked the brain development of 108 children, doing brain scans of each participant at least three times over 13 years. The volunteers were 9 or younger when they started in the study, the largest of its kind, run by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States.
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