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U.K. Brain Imaging Study for Tourette

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  • U.K. Brain Imaging Study for Tourette

    New Hope for Tourette's Syndrome Patients
    BBC News
    27 January 2013

    Young people with Tourette's Syndrome have been given new hope as a result of pioneering work by scientists at the University of Nottingham.

    There are around 300,000 people living with Tourette's in the UK, a neurological condition which can lead to verbal outbursts or physical tics.

    Tourette's affects one in 100 children, some of whom will grow out of their tics by adulthood.

    Scientists involved in the new study believe they can help patients by using brain imaging to diagnose the disorder and predict outcomes.

    Professor Stephen Jackson and his team are building a 'brain atlas' to map the neurological development of people with Tourette's and help to suggest treatments.

    Inside Out talks to Hannah Prentice from Birmingham and Spencer Forbes from Nottinghamshire who have volunteered to take part in the study.

    Study sponsored by Tourettes Action, UK

    NB: This story includes a three minute video that contains a description of the brain mapping study by Professor Jackson.

    Click HERE to view the related video on the BBC site
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    Re: U.K. Brain Imaging Study for Tourette

    This is a very exciting study! Thank you Steve for sharing it.

    In Canada, researchers are also working hard to gather more information about TS. Specifically, there are several surveys about what it is like to be a Canadian living with a neurological condition. If you haven't visited it before, I would encourage those affected by a neurological condition like TS to visit: Projects | Neurological Health Charities Canada.

    For those interested in the US context, take a look at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention: CDC - Tourette Syndrome, Research - NCBDDD




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      Re: U.K. Brain Imaging Study for Tourette

      Here's a bit more information on this:

      'Brain Activity Map' Proponents Explain Goals Of Bold Neuroscience Project
      By: Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer
      Published: 03/07/2013 02:07 PM EST on LiveScience

      Neuroscientists are pushing for a major project that would map the activity of the brain, potentially illuminating the causes of depression, schizophrenia and other major mental health disorders.
      The Brain Activity Map (BAM) project, as it is called, has been in the planning stages for some time. In the June 2012 issue of the journal Neuron, six scientists outlined broad proposals for developing non-invasive sensors and methods to experiment on single cells in neural networks. This February, President Barack Obama made a vague reference to the project in his State of the Union address, mentioning that it could "unlock the answers to Alzheimer's."
      This week, the project's visionaries outlined their final goals in the journal Science. They call for an extended effort, lasting several years, to develop tools for monitoring up to a million neurons at a time. The end goal is to understand how brain networks function.
      "It could enable neuroscience to really get to the nitty-gritty of brain circuits, which is the piece that's been missing from the puzzle," said Rafael Yuste, the co-director of the Kavli Institute for Brain Circuits at Columbia University, who is part of the group spearheading the project. "The reason it's been missing is because we haven't had the techniques, the tools." [Inside the Brain: A Journey Through Time]
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