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Please Help with a Short Needs Assessment Questionnaire

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  • Please Help with a Short Needs Assessment Questionnaire

    The International OCD Foundation is conducting a Needs Assessment and is looking for folks to fill it out. To fill it out, you should be, I think, in the U.S.; you should work in a school, or you should be the parent of a child in school.

    Needs assessment survey for Anxiety in the Classroom:

    If you are a parent filling it out, don't be discouraged by the intro that does not mention parents. IOCD gave me instructions for filling it out: Parents/family members can indicate who they are in the "Other" option. I would add that if a particular question is not relevant for a parent respondent, that question can probably be skipped. I did that with a few of the questions and I didn't have any trouble submitting the form.

    Please also forward it to school staff and administrators. Data collection is not limited to staff with a particular level of anxiety awareness. It's designed for any and all staff to fill out.

    I think they are looking to complete the data collection by the end of August or so.

    Here is what the IOCD sent me about their needs assessment:

    The International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) is working towards creating a comprehensive resource center all about anxiety and related disorders (with an emphasis on OCD) in the school setting, with information and materials for school faculty, parents, and students. Before we can make this happen, we need to learn more about the current state of anxiety and related disorders in our schools.
    The IOCDF has developed a survey for school personnel in order to learn more about their current understanding of anxiety and related disorders, and how they go about addressing it (if at all) in their school. You can help by sharing the survey with school faculty in your community - teachers, administrators, school nurses, school mental health professionals, classroom aides, etc.

    Suggested Talking Points When Sharing the Survey:
    • This survey is completely anonymous and results will be reviewed only as a whole, never individually.
    • School faculty of all types - teachers, administrators, support staff, nurses, school psychologists, social workers, etc. - are welcome and encouraged to take the survey.
    • Our goal is to get responses from schools all over the USA, of all levels (e.g. elementary, middle, high) and types (e.g. public, private, parochial, residential/boarding, charter, Montessori, etc.).
    • This survey will help us figure out what school faculty need and want with regards to working with anxiety/OCD in the school setting.
    • The information we gather will be used to inform the resources the IOCDF makes available as part of the Anxiety in the Classroom program.

    I'm not sure why the focus is limited to the U.S., but if you have any questions, you could contact Stephanie Cogen, Education and Training Manager,

    Thank you!
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