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Feeling like a freak today

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  • Feeling like a freak today

    Having a bad day today . I only have 1 symptom which is a high pitch
    squeek :o. Most days I am thankful that I just have 1 symptom . Today I just feel like a freak .

    I had some news this morning that upset me . Well being upset can cause me to squeek more . I work fulltime , and being single that income is very important to me . Today my squeeking was so bad while I was at work , that it was becoming even more so disrupting to others around me . I felt the staring . with the squeeking happening more often , it gets me further upset ... like a snowball rolling downhill getting bigger .

    I ended up leaving work early , and even found myself squeeking on the public transit (not a normal occurance for me ) all the way home . In speaking with a relative on the phone after getting home , the relative started laughing cause I was squeeking so much . She apologized , but it hurt that she would laugh at me . This relative has never seen me at work or in a extremely nervous situation where my squeeks become extreme .

    I am 42 .. and today was the first day that my squeek has made me cry . I feel like a freak when it gets bad like this .

    I am considering speaking to my doctor about medication . But I am waiting for medical benefits to kick in at work as I dont have coverage .

    My squeek started somewhere around age 24 ... not sure really . The doctor has recently agreed to my research of it being a mild form of tourettes . I never spoke to doctor before this about it . I would like to ask the question ... Is there some type of procedure / routine involved in making a diagnosis of tourettes ?

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    Re: Feeling like a freak today

    I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad day. Have your symptoms settled a bit now?

    You were asking about the diagnosis of TS. There are no tests that your doctor can conduct to give you a diagnosis. The diagnosis is based on the observation of symptoms. In the case of an adult, the doctor will be asking for details of your symptoms over the course of several years, or even back to your childhood.

    Most doctors use the DSM IV criteria when diagnosing. According to the DSM IV the criteria for diagnosing Tourette Syndrome is:

    • presence of both motor and vocal tics at some time during the course of the illness
    • the occurrence of multiple tics nearly every day through a period of more than one year, without a remission of tics for a period of greater than three consecutive months
    • the symptoms cause distress or impairment in functioning
    • age of onset of prior to 18 years of age
    • the symptoms are not due to medications or drugs and are not related to another medical condition
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