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  • Redirecting Tics


    I've been reading in this forum for a while now and people mention redirecting tics. Is there some mental trick to this or any way anyone has found that works better than others. Or does is happen more on the subconcious level?

    I'm dealing with more tics than I ever have and wouldn't mind knowing how to manage better.

    Thanks, Northstar

    P.S. My professor thought I was disaggreeing with him the other day in class when he made a point and I shook my head, which is what happens to my head jerking tic when I try to suppress it. I quess it's one of the funny things that happens with TS.

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    Re: Redirecting Tics

    The formal process for learning how to re-direct tics is called Habit Reversal Training. It basically involves replacing your tic with another opposite action that makes it impossible to do the "real" tic.

    I would recommend learning how to do this properly with a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist. At the very least I would advise that you get step by step instructions on how to do this right. It is quite involved and requires a lot of hard work, but well worth it in the end I have been told by those that have used this method successfully.