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  • Block in Thinking/Hearing

    Anybody here have problems with having the occasional trouble with taking in what someone is telling you?

    There are times when it's like someone is speaking a foreign language or, my brain can't translate their words. Then there's having trouble hearing when my neuro plays up.

    I keep meaning to ask my doctor to get my hearing checked.

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    Re: Block in Thinking/Hearing

    Hi, SpiderThug,

    I can relate to what you're saying. I have fairly frequent "brain farts" where what others are saying just sounds like a bunch of unrelated syllables. Part of it is that I'm sometimes too busy ticcing (head toss, neck clenching, breath holding) to properly hear and see them speak. Part of it is that some of my friends are mumbly. Part of it is that I have mild tinnitus in my right ear (past ear infection?), though my hearing's been tested and is fine.

    But often enough, the first time people tell me something, it only attracts my attention without eliciting comprehension. I often ask "What? I misheard what you said." This is something my dad used to do frequently, to our frustration. Alternately, if I pause long enough, the words sink in, and I don't have to ask for a repeat. On the plus side, the things I mishear can make for awesome puns and jokes.

    Sometimes, I find it hard to keep my attention on verbal stuff, whether conversations, someone talking at me, lyrics to music that's playing, or film dialogue. My inner thoughts interrupt the outside inputs. Maybe others' words sound like gibberish when they only serve to draw me out of my (obsessive?) thoughts. I guess it could be related to OCD or ADD.

    This all makes me feel like a poor listener. I might have learned or inherited it from my family, 'cause we weren't the most attentive to each other. We were more keen on making our points than on hearing others out. However, when I consciously make an effort to focus on what's being said, I get more out of it, as does the speaker. Some have actually complimented my listening skills...

    I hope this helps.


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      Re: Block in Thinking/Hearing

      Well, either way it's bloody annoying when someone is telling me something and I can't comprehend what they are saying. Not only does it make me feel stupid, it certainly makes other people see me that way and am treated that way. Brain has the info' but the mouth and the brain and the ears won't work with each other.

      I guess they're fighting for the position of Boss but the backside will always win. LOL