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New Member. I think I had tourette's when I was a kid. Help appreciated.

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  • New Member. I think I had tourette's when I was a kid. Help appreciated.

    Hi, my name is Ed and I recently met someone with Tourette's. They mentioned the motor and verbal tics they and it reminded me of a lot of the problems I had as a child. I joined this forum hoping to get some advice on figuring out if I had Tourette's as a kid. I've thought about speaking to a professional but I'm not sure about how to do that or what to say. I don't really have any of the symptoms anymore for the most part but reading about Tourette's the past month has really struck a chord with me.

    To the best of my memory I can describe my symptoms as motor tics consisting of preminotory urges and I had a verbal tic that lasted at least a month. I would make the Mmm-hmm sound. My motor tics would come in the form of facial expressions, throat clearing, etc. The ones I remember the most involved pressure building in my toes/feet that would build to the point where I absolutely had to release it. That one I can remember quite well. I also would become fixated on the curvature of my handwriting, and I was aware of it while doing schoolwork. I would try to control it, but would have difficulty doing so.

    Another thing I remember was the need to have equality on both sides of my body. If I rubbed my left toe, I would have to rub my right toe to the point where I experienced a sensation that was exactly equal to the sensation I experienced on my left toe.

    There could be more, I don't know what else I am forgetting. I remember becoming incredibly attached to a hat once, to the point where I would even shower with it. Maybe that is just normal kid stuff. Any insight would be appreciated. BTW, none of this really went detected or better to say, understood by my parents. For that reason, I never spoke to a doctor about this. I'm currently 32 years old, I don't really experience much of this anymore except the occasional OCD, manifesting itself in the form of equal sensations on my left and right sides. This has faded considerably. Thanks, Ed.

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    Re: New Member. I think I had tourette's when I was a kid. Help appreciated.

    Hi there, Ed and welcome to the Forum. Thanks for joining us and for your interest in investigating the symptoms you experienced as a child.

    Conversations with a doctor regarding tic symptoms are pretty straightforward, and most physicians have an understanding of movement disorders. If ever you chose to pursue the subject with a medical professional, by printing the text you've written in your opening post would probably be enough to get the discussion going.

    There is no way here to know what may have been the cause of your symptoms, but here are some facts:

    About one third of kids experience tics sometime during childhood, without evolving into a Tourette diagnosis.

    In kids diagnosed with Tourette, one third have complete remission by adulthood; one third have significant improvement and one third stabilize and continue their symptoms lifelong.

    Just because a child has tic or OCD symptoms, that you alluded to, there may not be any reason for intervention unless the symptoms cause distress, pain or inability to perform studies or work.

    In summary, you may have experienced symptoms as a child, but if you have no symptoms now, or if symptoms don't cause problems, it's probably not worth being concerned about.

    If you have concerns, consider having a casual conversation with your family doctor, or ask for a referral to a neurologist or mental health professional. Any or all of these are the most likely specialists be able to advise you.

    It could be interesting information to discuss with your partner, or your children in the event a child of yours exhibited any symptoms or learning difficulty as there may be a genetic component to these symptoms, although not a reason to avoid having a family.

    Out of curiosity, how the person with the Tourette diagnosis you met, dealing with her/his symptoms?
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      Re: New Member. I think I had tourette's when I was a kid. Help appreciated.

      Hi edwardj. I agree with Steve. If you're asymptomatic, it's not an issue. It's merely a curiosity. You can talk to your doctor about it, but it probably won't be very conclusive if all your symptoms are in the past.


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        Re: New Member. I think I had tourette's when I was a kid. Help appreciated.

        I think he is doing alright. He practices mindfulness meditation to rid himself of the tics. I can see why it would be difficult to get a diagnoses as an asymptomatic adult. It would still be interesting to have an explanation, though.