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Specialized Assisted Living for Tourette Syndrome

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  • Specialized Assisted Living for Tourette Syndrome

    Hello. I received a call from a parent of a 26 year old daughter who has Tourette Syndrome and other associated disorders today inquiring if we or anyone else knew of a place where they might safely relocate their daughter to in case of any emergency to their person. The caller has been making inquiries for over 3 months and shared with me that he was struck by the lack of assisted living/housing options with a focus on Tourette Syndrome care. If anyone has any ideas or knows of a place in Canada, would you kindly reach out to me at and I will gladly share the information along to the caller.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Specialized Assisted Living for Tourette Syndrome

    I would make initial inquiries at the summer camps that serve people with TS.

    Not to suggest that the camp itself would be the resource, but the administrators of these camps may be able to point to the kind of facilities or services that are needed.

    Another resource that may be able to point to those facilities might be the Canadian Mental Health Association

    The information you've provided suggests this 26 year old woman is fully dependent, whose symptoms preclude her from being employed and self sufficient, requiring some form of assisted living. Her intellectual competence may be an important factor in the kind of facility that can accommodate her.

    Presumably she has had the opportunity to receive treatment for her symptoms.
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      Re: Specialized Assisted Living for Tourette Syndrome

      in case of any emergency to their person
      Hi Deborah, I have a question -- this may have to do with differences in English across different countries -- but is this phrase (in case of an emergency to their person) related to the person possibly doing herself harm, or is it related to her possibly being harmed by another person?

      If it were the latter, and if this were in the U.S., I would be thinking in terms of

      (a) getting connected with an organization focused on women's safety (sometimes these are called "task forces for battered women," "advocacy centers," or "domestic violence services," "women's shelters," or "transitional housing" -- any of these search terms, except perhaps "advocacy center," would probably work in Google).

      (b) getting some Tourette awareness training done wherever the individual with Tourette is living.

      I wonder if I should be emailing these thoughts to you, or whether you'll be able to see them here on the forum?
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