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  • Neurotransmitter Levels

    I've seen on some other forums from the US that a lot of people with TS are getting their neurotransmitter levels tested. These seems like a logical place to start treatment. I'm wonder where one would get a test like that done in Canada. Those people were going to what they called an "environmental doctor." Would that be the same as a naturopathic doctor up here? Has anyone ever had one of these tests done? What were your thoughts on it? Who did you go to? Does this seem like a good place to start treatment?

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    Neurotransmitter Levels

    Hi kwhitlock

    I am not aware of anything in this area but we can certainly look into it. If anyone here has I would love to hear what their experience has been.

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      Neurotransmitter Levels

      Thank you, Janet. Being new to the country, I'm not really sure where to start looking for these things.

      But, I really think a test like this makes a lot of sense. TS is linked to neurotransmitter levels, so doesn't it makes sense to test the levels to see where you stand and then use methods to level out those neurotransmitters? You can't know which approach to use until you know which neurotransmitters need tweaking. You certainly wouldn't want to put anything into your body that was going to raise a neurotransmitter that you have too much of to begin with!

      I dunno. Maybe it's just a hype treatment. But it's a starting place that makes sense on the surface.

      The last time I was treated for my TS was......Back in the early 90's or late 80's when I was just a kid. Things have changed a lot since adolescence, and it seems the knowledge about TS has changed a lot too. I feel like I'm starting from scratch learning about this thing I thought I knew about. Not to mention, before it was my mom who found doctors and treatment. Now I have to do it. I don't even know where to start! This is one of those new "adult things" that I'm clueless about! :P


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        Neurotransmitter Levels

        This would be in the field of interes of a neurologist. If you can access the web page of the Department of Neurology of your local teaching hospital, often the CV or at least the professional interest of each staff member may be listed.

        Another option would be to call the department of Neurology and ask who might be doing this type of work.

        Do you have any references or web sites of medical centers or practitioners doing this type of work?
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