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  • Doctor Tomorrow!

    Well, my long-awaited doctor's appointment with a neuropsychiatrist is tomorrow afternoon. I'm so excited (anticipating that this is the end, I'll finally have an answer) and nervous (what if he says there's nothing wrong with me and I'm just lazy and/or spoiled as a kid - like my mom thinks 90% of the time). But this guy is one of the top TS doctor in the province and has been highly recommended to me by several people. So I'm sure it'll go fine.

    I just want him to confirm that I have SPD and give me some coping strategies. My parents think it's all in my head and I'm just lazy and trying to find an excuse so I don't have to go out or do anything. But if a doctor confirms it, then nobody can doubt me and question me anymore and I'll have full support. Plus, I'll finally know that it's not all in my head and I can stop doubting myself. And if I can have a few coping strategies to help me get out of the house and function like a normal person....That would be really nice!

    But I'm so scared this is all going to backfire and I'm going to be told there's nothing wrong with me. Kuz if there's nothing wrong with me, then what's going on? Does that mean I really am just lazy? But a lazy person doesn't get UPSET about not going out, right? And I get upset about not doing anything, so I can't be lazy. A lazy person ENJOYS not doing anything. So if they say there's nothing wrong with me, then what is it? My worst fear is that there are no answers and I'll spend the rest of my life "existing" like this, kuz it sure isn't "living."

    Wish me luck......

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    Doctor Tomorrow!

    Good luck with your doctor visit. Take the opportunity to fully discuss your concerns with the doctor, so you can walk out satisfied you have a clear understanding of the diagnosis,

    Don't walk out unless it is all clear in your mind, and ask plenty of questions.

    Take along a note pad and pen, to write down the questions you wish to ask, and to note the instructions the doctor gives you.

    Remeber to be a full partner in your health care, you need to be prepared, and to be sure you understand the plan agreed to with your doctor.

    Let us know how you make out.

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      Doctor Tomorrow!

      Oh yes, I'm very prepared. I think.....I have no health coverage and I'm not allowed to work, so I'm paying $150 from the pocket for this appointment. NOt to mention this doctor normally has a 3 month waiting list but got me in in 3 weeks. I am NOT wasting this opportunity! I have GOT to get some answers.

      I got on the phone with my mom and wrote out several pages of medical and behavioral history from the time of birth to now. Got some input from my husband as to what he thinks I should mention (he's taking off work tomorrow to go to the doc with me, what a sweetheart). I also bought the book "The Out-of-Sync Child" and have highlighted every single thing that applies to me (which is half of the book, I think). Now, the question is, will I be able to gather my thoughts and organize my words to present all of this prepared stuff to the doctor? Or will I go in there all prepared and then clam up? Every time I go into see a doctor, I instantly feel like there's nothing major wrong and the trip was a waste of time. It's like the whole TS thing - you walk into the office and *poof* the tics are gone. How do you explain how rough things have been lately when right now it feels like all's well with the world? So I just hope my thinking stays clear.......


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        Doctor Tomorrow!

        How do you explain how rough things have been lately when right now it feels like all's well with the world?
        You say just that -- tell the doctor that your tics disappear when you are in the office. Doctors that have some experience with TS understand this phenomenon.

        Also tell him that though things may be feeling okay now, you have been having problems and be frank about what the problems are.

        I wish you the best of luck with your appointment. Hopefully you will get some of the answers you are seeking.
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          Doctor Tomorrow!

          WoW! This doctor is amazing! He asked all the right questions and actually understood my answers. He was very...serious, but not unfriendly. Kind of odd. Like, he was very serious, no smiling or joking. But you could tell he still understood on an emotional level. He wasn't distant at all, just very serious and professional. He'd ask textbook questions, but he understood the emotional impact of the answers on my life without me having to explain it. That was great, beacuse it's so rare to come across soemone who understands the EMOTIONAL impact of these problems rtaher than just the black and white textbook angle. And it was even better that I didn't have to TELL the guy what the emotional impact was - he made the connections himself in the blink of an eye! Saved me a lot of explaining and justifying and defending myself. I know the guy really "got me." He said he'd like to meet with me again in a couple weeks to see howthings are progressing. He said, "Would that be possible for you? I don't want to overwhelm you or push you into treatment you don't want." I said that sounded great, but how much would the visit cost (since I have no health care). He looked at me and said, "Don't worry about that. You've told me the challenges you're facing with immigration and life right now, and I understand your position. I'm not going to charge you for any of this." !!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that??? A university doctor, whose office visits run $150/hour, and he's not charging me a thing! And it was all his idea! I have never heard of a doctor acting like that in my life. He was amazing. And he didn't immediately jump on the "medication wagon." I was given some meds, but he explained them first and asked if I was OK with it. And he said several times that, as a longterm goal, meds isn't necessarily the way we want to go. So it doesn't sound like he's going to be stuffing drugs down my throat.

          Anyway, about the results:

          We didn't get into the whole sensory thing this time, but we are going to address it at a later date. That is something that takes a thorough assessment, meaning about 3 hour-long visits. He said that right now the important thing is to get my anxiety under control. Once my anxiety is under control, I'll be able to deal with any sensory problems better and will be able to venture outside the house. We have limited money and time, so we have to tackle the biggest culprit head-on. That will hold me over until I have healthcare, then we get into the nitty-gritty. He asked if that sounded OK with me. I said that was exactly what I had in mind!

          So he told me what I already knew, but it was stuff I needed to hear from a doctor. I have generalized anxiety disorder, including agoraphobia. And I have PTSD from a car accident a few years ago. I also have a sleep disorder (I guess taking 30min-2hrs to fall asleep and then waking up 5 times to go to the bathroom all in one night is irregular) :P

          So the first thing he wants to do is get my sleep under control. He said there is no way my brain can fight off anxiety if it's exhausted from lack of sleep all the time. So he gave me a prescription for Trazodone. It regulates your sleep cycles without making you dopey or leaving you tired the next morning. Promotes natural sleep rhythms. I took a pill for the first time last night and it was great! I haven't slept that well in months! I woke up 1 time to go to the bathroom! And when I got up this morning, I felt refreshed and had energy to make some business calls right away!

          So I have an appointment with him on Dec. 7th. We'll talk about how the sleep is going. Then we'll talk about other strategies to deal with any anxiety the sleep didn't take care of. Hopefully my husband will be able to go to that meeting with me. He had the day off work to go to this meeting with me, but our car broke down on the way there So with 30 minutes until my appointment, I had to suddenly change my plans (causes huge anxiety for me), figure out how to get the the hospital by bus (always stressful), and then ride the bus there (there were 2 people touching me on the bus and it made me about crawl out of my skin). Now I'm wondering how we're gonna pay to fix our car, as we never have enough money to get through a pay-cycle as it is. But whatever. We don't have a choice, so we'll have to find a way.

          So that's my story. I am soooo happy to finally have a diagnosis of some kind. I already knew what the problems were, but just to have that official stamp of approval is a relief. I told the doctor that my family thinks I'm just lazy and was spoiled as a kid so now I want everything my way and get upset when it's not. He said to forget what my parents say, that I definitely have a legitimate "psychiatric illness" and some psychological issues too. None of it is my fault or being done purposely on my part. So I feel much much better about that. I can stop doubting myself now and entertaining my parents' screwed up ideas.

          I feel great!


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            Doctor Tomorrow!

            WOW kwhitlock

            I am so glad your experience was a good one. There are several people out there in the medical field who are truly there because they want to help people. I am sure you are very relieved to get validation from this doctor and I'm willing to bet this resolution itself will help you sleep better and help you cope more effectively. Self-esteem is necessary for success and this doctor seems to know how to totally engage his patients so he can connect with them and is empathetic to your needs.

            I am really happy for you. Keep us updated and continue to post any questions you have along this journey of discovery.

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              Doctor Tomorrow!

              That is fantastic!

              I am so glad that you had such a good experience and you have to keep us posted on your progress and findings.

              I am very glad that you were able to find someone that understands and can help you. That is so important in life to find a Doctor you are comfortable with and trust.

              I am just glad you reached out and got the help you need.

              Everything should fall into place with time.

              Take care!


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                Re: Doctor Tomorrow!

                I'm looking for a neurologist/psychiatrist in Mississauga / Oakville area. Do you know of one?