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How to stop Bullying

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  • How to stop Bullying

    My son told me this weekend that the bullying in his class is getting really bad.

    He finds it hard to ignore it and struggles with holding his temper.

    It is two kids in his class that pick on him during recess and lunch and he is tired of it.

    I have talked to the teacher several times and nothing seems to change.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.

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    How to stop Bullying

    I realize that sometimes going over someone's head can have repercussions, but if the teacher is not cooperating, can you see some benefit to reporting the teacher's inability or lack of desire to the principal?

    While I don't have experience in dealing with a school system, I can't imagine the employment dynamic is much different from any other institution.

    I would confirm in writing each discussion with the teacher and the principal and work my way up the chain.

    In some areas, teachers unions wield a lot of power, which might be an obstacle.

    It seems to me the teacher's responsibility is to maintain order in the classroom, which includes preventing bullying against any child.

    Why do you feel the teacher is not cooperating?

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      How to stop Bullying

      I have no idea why the teacher is not cooperating.

      She has stated to me that my son is totally a victim, meaning my son does nothing to cause the bullying.

      The bullying happens during recess and lunch and that is when the teacher is not in the classroom.

      If my son loses his temper then he will be punished also.

      He is really in a no-win situation.

      I am going to talk to the teacher again but it is probable that nothing will be done again.


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        How to stop Bullying


        From previous posts on the topic of your son's school it is my understanding that in general there has been no support or understanding from the teacher.

        I would suggest that you approach the principal quickly and document your efforts to resolve the issues at hand.

        You are right about your son being punished if he retaliates and it will be too late to reverse the damage once it happens.

        If the principal turns a deaf ear and decides that protecting the teacher is more important then protecting your son then you should go to the school district office and report both of them.

        Bullying is not only a problem in schools but in elementary can be permanently damaging. You do not want your son provoked to lash out and with his lower tolerance that is what could happen. Then he will be marked and others involved could press charges against him.

        Remember your son has rights too and the police can remind the school of this on his behalf before he is put in the position to be expelled for his actions.

        I realize this sounds so twisted but I have lived through the process at another school that did not know what to do with my son and allowed him to be bullied until he retaliated.
        The entire experience was dumped back onto my son as adults ran to cover their lack of empathy and responsibility to protect my son.

        We are very thankful we have the support we have in his new school and a principal that stops bullying for any student in her school but in the past we were not so fortunate.

        Keep us posted on your progress.


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          bulling at school

          My son has the same problem,kids are picking on him in a sly way that all anyone sees or hears is my son getting upset and shouting.The other day for some reason my son got left behind for 10 minutes he did not know where his class was(they were outside the school) when they got back he was very upset no one missed him so he shouted and was upset when talking to his taecher and when I called her that day all was said was my son has to control his emontions,this is not the first a few months ago his was left behind in the classroom for 1 hour the class was in the gym,no one noticed he was not with them sometimes I think they do not want him around during certain events.We have gone to the school so often this year with little resolved,I do not know what to be doing more to help my son.Is the teachers and school trying to help or are they doing more harm


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            How to stop Bullying

            all was said was my son has to control his emotions
            It's clear the staff in your son's school have little or no understanding of Tourette Syndrome and do not appreciate the difference between behaviour that can be modified and involuntary behaviour.

            As has been said in another posting, your school needs and in-service presentation.

            In addition, you may wish to arm yourself with various written references to inform the teachers about TOurette.

            Review the articles contained on the TSFC website, which you can access from the link beneath my signature.

            Also download and print this handout which provides an overview of Tourette Syndrome which might be helpful.
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              How to stop Bullying

              Hi Mom2ksjnn5,

              I know how frustrating it is when trying to advocate for our children. Every child deserves the best education possible and it seems at some schools to get the best education is a challege.

              Steve is right, take as much information about TS with you to your child's school in order to teach them about TS.

              This year is almost over but if you contact the head office now about getting an in-service then you can start next year off right.